Company Info

In July 2013, two of the company’s cofounders first discovered and what would become the inspiration for La Angara, at the Royal Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. At the time, their vision was relatively modest: to create an inclusive, inviting setting on their London apartment’s terrace where their family and friends could all gather around the grill table to eat, drink and socialize with one another.The incredible design gave birth to the idea of social grilling, an innovative and revolutionary concept that attracted an impressive group of individuals who all saw the same potential to bring entire families back to the dinner table. Our group of passionate entrepreneurs is excited to be a part of this project not just because it makes good business sense, but because they truly believe the Angara has the ability to reconnect friends and families.


As the company’s Chief Publicity Officer, Jake brings tremendous value to the company, especially the ability to attract crowds. Jake also helps us in complex negotiations where he can dominate and smother the opposing party. Our company’s success can, in large part, be attributed to Jake’s charismatic personality, charm, cool-headedness under pressure, uncanny perceptiveness and outstanding sense of humor. We owe it all to Jake.

Former head of strategic communications at Microsoft, he named and launched the Windows brand; helped build the Neutrogena brand which led to an acquisition by Johnson & Johnson; assisted in the launch of the Bowflex brand.

Successful restaurateur, Brad has created multiple well known venues including Roxbury, immortalized in the film “A Night at the Roxbury”, Georgia and Post & Beam. He currently heads the Post & Beam Hospitality Group.

25 years of executive & financial management and operational experience as CEO and CFO for businesses ranging from privately held start-ups to public companies on NASDAQ.
Worked with companies from conception through private placements, IPO and secondary offerings. Significant expertise in developing financial forecasting tools that helped raise capital, sell companies and support business plans.

Was creative director of Atlantis Advertising an agency that catered to NYC’s fashion clients; Successfully ran Synergic Investments, a limited partnership hedge fund & is fortunate to be married to the woman who discovered the Angara in London.

With a Ph.D. from Wharton, David taught at the Tuck Business School at Dartmouth, and served as Dean of the Business School at the University of San Diego, where he now teaches operations and supply chain.