Angara Modern Outdoor Dining Table + Gas Grill (8-Seater)

Dimensions: 99.5” (L) x 38.3” (W) x 29.6” (H), Weight = 290 pounds

Features Angara Regula Grill Table Angara Maximus Grill Table
Furniture Wood Domestic Cedar Imported Exotic Iroko Hardwood
Fully Welded, 14ga Powder Coated Body
Fully Welded, 18ga T304 Stainless Cooking Chasis
Stainless Steel T304 Burners
Stainless Steel Cooking Grills Optional
Stainless Steel Briquette Grate Optional
Ceramic Briquettes Optional
WiFi Programmable RGB Color LED Lighting Package Optional
Convenience Receptacle (Stainless Steel) Optional
Solidstate Electronic Flame Management Ignition * Optional
Keyed Safety Lockout Switch Optional
Custom Fabric Table Cover Optional
2 Year Comprehensive Warranty
Comprehensive 10 Year Extended Warranty Optional
Shipping (Continental USA) + White Glove Installation Optional

* Solid-State Electronic Flame Management Ignition: Our custom electronic flame management package offers the latest in burner safety, allowing the user to simply press a single button for fully automated burner ignition and continual flame monitoring. Should a wind gust unexpectedly extinguish the burner flame, in less than a second, our flame management control system will attempt to re-light the burner automatically. If burner re-ignition fails for any reason, the flame management system will, by means of a safety gas solenoid valve, automatically lock-out that burner from releasing any unburned gas. The Angara Maximus’ flame management technology delivers a burner system that is significantly safer than grills that do not employ our state-of-the-art technology.