Why should I invest in an Angara barbecue table?

A: In today’s fast paced life revolving around mobile internet conectivity, the traditional concept of having the entire family get together for an evening meal has unfortunately become passè. The Angara acts as a magnet that makes family dinners so much fun that the kids want to be participants. So if you value family interaction and bonding, then investing in the Angara is really an investment in your family that you just cannot afford not to make.

What is your return policy?

A: Absolutely! We take great pride in 100% Customer Satisfaction and are so confident that once you set your eyes on the Angara you will immediately be smitten, that we offer a No Questions Asked Return Policy. Once our white glove delivery service brings the Angara and installs it in the designated area of your backyard and then, for whatever reason, should you decide that our modern outdoor dining table and barbecue grill is not the right fit for your home, no problem! Just let our delivery personnel know and they will repack the Angara and take it right back. To ensure that you have complete peace of mind, we take all the risks. How’s that for absolute confidence in our product?

What kind of warranty does the Barbecue Table come with?

A: The Angara the table and the gas barbecue grill comes with a 10 year limited warranty. All the electronic components come with a 2 year limited warranty. The warranty applies only to the original owner and on normal residential use. Defects resulting from negligence, abuse or use in a commercial, hospitality or any other non-residential setting, are not covered.

Can the Angara run on Natural Gas instead of Propane?

A: Yes, absolutely! Should you want the Angara connected to an outdoor natural gas line, let us know at the time of ordering your table and we will make the necessary modifications (no charge) to allow it to run on NG.

How many gas grills are in one table?

A: It depends on the table size. In our large 8-seater table, there are 3 independently fired and temperature controlled natural gas / propane gas grills. In the mid-size 6-seater table, there are 2 grills and in the smallest size, 4-seater table, there is only one gas / propane fired grill.

How much does the Angara cost?

A: Depending on the table size and the desired features, the iBBQ Angara tables prices range between $5,000 to $15,000 for the top of the line 8-seater Angara Maximus. Please call our sales office on 1.800.937.4227 to help you pick the right table for you.

After placing the order, how long before I can expect delivery?

A: In most circumstances, our normal lead time is about 4 weeks. But because of the current heavy backlog it will take approximately 6-8 weeks before your table is delivered to you.

How easy or difficult is it to assemble the table?

A: You don’t have to worry about assembly. We provide white-glove delivery service with each order. Which basically means is that we will deliver, unpack and assemble the table and finally show you how to operate the grill and before leaving we will also clean up all the packaging material so that you can immediately fire up the barbie and have a party with your friends and family!

Is the Propane Gas Tank Enclosure sold separately?

A: The Angara’s table’s purchase price does not include the matching Propane Gas Tank Enclosure unit, which is an optional unit (cost $2,500). Should you opt to have your grill table pre-configured to run on natural gas, then you will not need to purchase the propane gas tank enclosure.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

A: If you live in the states of California or Nevada, you will be assessed the appropriate sales tax.

Can I purchase the Angara from a local retail store?

A: No, the Angara is only available online through iBBQ

Does the Iroko wood used in the Angara table come from an endangered forest?

A: No, it does not. The Iroko used in our high-end contemporary patio furniture and barbecue grill is Lacey Act compliant. The Lacey Act is a landmark US legislation that bans the use of illegally sourced wood products.