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On a fateful, rainy July afternoon in 2014, Shahin and Karim Pirani were at the Royal Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in Surrey, England, when they first discovered what would become the inspiration for the Angara bbq table.

At the time, their vision was relatively modest: to create an inviting setting on their London terrace where their family and friends could sit around their new dining table to eat, drink, and socialize together.

Whenever the Piranis would entertain family and friends on their terrace in Covent Garden, the one common refrain they heard over and over was that the table needed to be in the US. Sensing an opportunity, they contacted Anthony Groves, the brilliant English designer who sold them their original table, and together they agreed to bring his ingenious invention across the pond. Today, the Angara table, based on Anthony’s original design, has been made available for families all over the world to experience and enjoy.


Today, the incredible design of the original barbecue table has given birth to the term social grilling, an innovative and revolutionary concept that has attracted an impressive group of individuals who all saw the same potential in bringing families back to the dinner table. Our group of passionate entrepreneurs is excited to be a part of this project not just because it makes good business sense, but because they truly believe the Angara has the ability to reconnect friends and families of all age groups.

With social grilling around the Angara table, family members, both young and old, actually want to dine together, just like they used to, before the dawn of the smartphone. Our table serves as a magnet for families to bond by sharing stories, jokes, laughter, and even tears. Nothing can replace the quality time families spend around the dinner table and now, thanks to the Angara, we all can relive those halcyon times again, every day.

Jake Handsome (CPO)
As the company’s Chief Publicity Officer, Jake brings impressive ability to attract crowds. Jake also helps the company in complex negotiations where he can dominate and smother the opposing party. Our company’s success can, in large part, be attributed to Jake’s charismatic personality, charm, cool-headedness under pressure, uncanny perceptiveness, and outstanding sense of humor. We owe it all to Jake.
Behrooz Abdi (Advisor)
Technology Entrepreneur, President & CEO of InvenSense (Acquired by TDK for $1.3 Billion in 2017)
Former E.V.P & GM of NetLogic Microsystems (Acquired by Broadcom for $3.7B), President & CEO of RMI Corp, (acquired by NetLogic) .
Former SVP & GM of Qualcomm CDMA Technology, VP & GM at Motorola.
Board member at several private companies, as well as academic & non-profits including EvoNexus & Georgia Tech.
Behrooz came to iBBQ as a customer & recognizing the company’s potential for an exit, decided to contribute his expertise by joining the advisory board.
Andy Jedynak
Andy Jedynak is a seasoned venture-backed high growth CEO, with extensive board and operational experience. As a product, media, and marketing expert, he has led the growth of large scale digital media, SaaS, IoT, mobile and app businesses in both the B2C and B2B sectors. He is currently President & CEO of ClientPoint, a top rated global business software offering. Andy began his business career at NBC/GE, after completing a successful career as a pro basketball player in Europe.
Pat Mawhinney (CFO / Advisor)
25 years of executive & financial management and operational experience as CEO and CFO for businesses ranging from privately held start-ups to public companies on NASDAQ. Worked with companies from conception through private placements, IPO and secondary offerings. Significant expertise in developing financial forecasting tools that helped raise capital, sell companies, and support business plans.
Karim Pirani (Co-Founder, CEO & CMO)
Was creative director of Atlantis Advertising, an agency that catered to NYC’s fashion clients; successfully ran Synergic Investments, a limited partnership hedge fund; and is fortunate to be married to the woman who discovered the Angara in London.
David Pyke (Advisor)
With a Ph.D. from Wharton, David taught at the Tuck Business School at Dartmouth, and served as Dean of the Business School at the University of San Diego, where he now teaches operations and supply chain.
Ray Williams (Advisor)
A seasoned veteran with 25+ years of executive leadership in operations, manufacturing, and engineering. Ray is a certified six-sigma black belt engineer with several awards and patents. He served 8 years as the Div. President of 3 major commercial appliance brands: Jade Range, Beech Ovens, and Viking Commercial Ranges. Prior to that, he served as the VP of Operations and Engineering for Southbend Range Company and the Sr. Resident Engineer for Whirlpool Corp.

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