Not just a beautiful piece of contemporary outdoor furniture... It's a lifestyle.

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Angara Modern Outdoor Dining Table and Gas Grill

Exotic Hardwood

The Angara is more than a revolutionary piece of modern outdoor furniture. It is a lifestyle experience. Whether your table is the Angara Maximus, which is built in Teak wood, or the classic Angara built in imported Tigerwood (Goncalo Alves), these tables are all crafted to exacting standard to ensure years of outdoor enjoyment. Both species of wood used in our modern patio dining tables, along with the benches and the propane gas tank enclosures, have been especially selected for their hardiness, durability in harsh outdoor weather conditions, ability to withstand rot and insect attack, and their natural beauty. Furthermore, the lumber comes from FSC certified, responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits to the regions from where it is logged.

Angara Maximus
handcrafted in imported
Teak Hardwood


built in imported hardwood,
Goncalo Alves (Tigerwood)

Stainless Steel

The burner unit in the Angara Maximus is crafted in marine-grade T316 stainless steel and the standard Angara is built in marine-grade T304 stainless steel.

The large size table comes with 3 independently controlled, stainless steel gas grills.

Our medium size table comes with 2 independently controlled, stainless steel gas grills.

Table Proportions

We recognize that every environment is different and our customers, whether they are individuals wanting to bring the Angara into their home or a restaurant looking to offer the experience of social grilling to their patrons, all have special needs that are unique to them. The Angara Maximus and the Angara are both offered in three different sizes to accommodate any setting or occasion.

The Six-Seater table measures 38 inches by 79.5 inches and allows seating for slightly larger groups, making it ideal for homeowners who host frequent gatherings.

The Eight-Seater is our largest model. It measures 38 inches by 99.5 inches and is perfect for large get-togethers. Easily accommodating 8 people, the Eight-Seater can even squeeze in as many as 12 quite comfortably.


Dimensions: 59.5” (L) x 38” (W) x 29.6” (H)

Angara Elite Weight: 160 pounds

Angara Premium Weight: 180 pound


Dimensions: 79.5” (L) x 38” (W) x 29.6” (H)

Weight: 220 pounds

Weight: 260 pounds


Dimensions: 99.5” (L) x 38” (W) x 29.6” (H)

Weight: 290 pounds

Weight: 350 pounds

Ceramic Briquettes

The Angara barbecue grill table comes with ceramic briquettes. There are many benefits of using these finely engineered ceramic briquettes. They are easy to install and help distribute heat evenly when you grill your favorite meats and vegetables. Also, since these briquettes retain heat for a relatively long period of time, they also help save money because you will burn less gas during grilling.

Attention to Detail

The Angara grill table has been built with a focus on precision and detail. The craftsmanship of the table and its stainless steel burner units is readily apparent even to an untrained eye. This focus on the little things is what makes the overall experience of using our social grilling table thoroughly enjoyable.

Solidstate Electronic Flame
Management Ignition

The barbecue grill burners in the Angara Maximus model come with every modern convenience, including solid-state flame rectification technology that delivers continuous flame monitoring. With auto re-ignition, an electrode in the tip of the spark igniter senses the flame, and if the gas valve is on but no flame is detected, then using the process of rectification, it sends a signal to the spark module to seamlessly relight the burner. This technology offers safer operations by preventing any buildup of gas above the cooktop. In addition, our burners come with completely hassle-free, one-touch electronic ignition to quickly light up the grill. Our gas burners, built in Grade T316 stainless steel can deliver up to 45,000 btu of searing heat to ensure that your meat is cooked exactly the way you and your guests demand.


We take great pride in 100% Customer Satisfaction! To ensure that you have complete peace of mind, we offer a No-Questions-Asked Return Policy.


We support environmentally sustainable, socially beneficial, and economically prosperous forest practices worldwide. iBBQ is using FSC certified Tigerwood.

LED Lighting

The built-in special effects controlled by the Peak Lighting App. You can control your lighting system over Wi-Fi with lots of built-in features.

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