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The World's Most Expensive BBQ Grills - Reviews / Ratings

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In some parts of the world summer has already arrived and outdoor chefs are busily preparing themselves for a season of spectacular cookouts and entertaining. Outdoor cooks are spending their time reviewing the latest trends in outdoor cookery as well as the best high-end barbecue grill units to hit the market. BBQ lovers have an insatiable hunger for newly designed grills and accessories.

The appetite for the newest and hottest luxury outdoor grill is no different than the desire to own the latest new sports car. And, in some cases, the price tag is almost as expensive. The following ten BBQ units represent some of the most expensive BBQ grills to potentially grace outdoor decks in the last few years. Prepare yourself to be wooed!

Keep in mind being listed at the bottom of a list like this is not a reflection of workmanship or quality. It serves only as a price indicator. All of the grill units listed here are of outstanding quality and deserve the salivating attentions of any reasonable minded outdoor chef.