Why choose Social Grilling?

With the advent of the internet and mobile phones, the age-old tradition of the family gathering around the dinner table for an evening meal has become passè.

Fortunately, with the Angara grilling table the entire family, and especially the kids, love to gather and enjoy immersive dining — together. Family dinners are more fun because the entire dining experience is interactive and everyone is a  participant.

So if you value family interaction and bonding, then buying the Angara is actually investing in your family that you cannot afford not to make.

After all, Life is Better Together!™

We would like to share the following video that best explains the value of investing in the Angara Social Grilling Table - Watch here

Brings the family together: The host finally gets to be part of the party sitting around the grill with family and friends instead of being stuck behind a traditional grill in a corner. Kids enjoy the experience of sitting with their parents and actively participate in an immersive grilling and dining experience. The sheer fun of a social grilling experience just can't be beat!

Easy cleaning for both the table and grates: The stainless steel cooking grates are conveniently sized allowing for easy removal and they can be washed in a dishwasher. The 18” X 9” cooking grates are made of Dishwasher Safe T316L Stainless Steel – The “L” stands for low carbon and this stainless steel is used in restaurant kitchens – because of its higher resistance to corrosion.

Better cooking control for different foods: You can cook 2-3 different types of food at different heat settings over multiple burners.

The table’s amazing flexibility: Placing the wood grill covers over the grates makes the grilling table a gorgeous modern outdoor dining table making it a very versatile outdoor dining furniture.

Pricing / Quotes

Depending on the table size and features, our Angara line of grilling tables range from $6,499 for the 8-seater Quadra to $20,999 for our top of the line 8-seater Angara Maximus. Please call our grilling experts to help find the perfect table for you. Do you barbecue? 1.800.yes.ibbq (1.800.937.4227)

The grill table’s purchase price does not include the matching Propane Gas Tank Enclosure, which is an optional unit. (Cost: $2,999 for the Angara table, built in matching powder-coated steel and Tigerwood; and for the Angara Maximus, the enclosure is built in matching stainless steel and Teak wood and is priced @ $3,999).

If you live in the states of California or Nevada, you will be assessed the appropriate sales tax.

Currently we have a limited number of retail stores carrying our unique social grilling tables and depending on which part of the country you are in, we may be able to refer you to a store near you.

Yes, the wood grill covers are included with every table. These covers make it easy and convenient to use the Angara as a regular outdoor dining table. Upon removing the cover(s), the table is ready as an outdoor grill.

We also sell an all-weather canvas cover to help protect the table, and the matching benches, from the elements. To ensure that the Angara provides you years of trouble free service, we strongly recommend that you protect your investment with this cover.

No, the benches are optional because some people prefer to sit on chairs.

Technical questions

Yes, absolutely! Should you want the Angara connected to an outdoor natural gas line, let us know at the time of ordering your table and we will make the necessary modifications (at no charge) to allow it to run on natural gas.

Depends on the table size. In our large 8-seater table, there are 3 gas grills and our midsize 6-seater table has 2. Since each grill is independently controlled, you can grill different foods on each and select the optimum heat for each.

On the Angara, and depending on the table size, we offer a maximum of three cooking grates, each measuring 18"L x 9"W.

The Quadra comes with 4 isosceles triangle cooking grates, each measuring: 13.9" x 13.9" x 19.6"

Only one tank is connected at a time. As to how long a full tank of propane will last: For our largest 3-burner model, a full tank of propane should provide at least 6 hours of grilling time with all 3 burners running on high.

In our Angara and Angara Maximus models, each burner produces 15,000 BTUs – providing the best searing heat. In comparison, many top-selling propane grills produce from 10,000 BTUs to 50,000 BTUs.

However, BTU numbers can be deceiving unless one calculates the value of BTUs per square inch of cooking surface. Here’s an example: Divide the main burner BTU total by the size of the total cooking surface (in square inches).

Therefore, for the Angara tables, each grill’s cooking surface is 18”X 9” or 162 square inches. And 15,000 BTUs / 162 = 92.5 BTUs per square inch, which is more than sufficient for grilling most foods and is at the top of the range for a high-end grill.

For customers purchasing the Angara tables, assembling your grill table is quite easy. We provide instructions that make assembly a breeze. It will take you more time to unpack the table's parts than it will to assemble them! Our company’s sales reps are available at 1.800.937.4227 to assist you should you have questions during assembly.

For customers purchasing Angara Maximus tables, we include white glove shipping and assembly. We will deliver, unpack and assemble your Maximus table, we will show you how to operate your grill and before leaving we will also clean up all the packaging material so you can immediately fire up your Maximus barbie and have a party with your family and friends!

Yes! Spills can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth (wine and grease included). Since the tabletops are made of luxury exotic woods, we recommend to wipe off spills as they happen (don’t leave overnight).

 The cooking grates are smaller than many traditional grills and therefore convenient to clean in your dishwasher! All our cooking grates are made in T316L Stainless Steel – the stainless steel used in high-end, professional restaurant kitchens, and therefore dishwasher safe.

No, it does not. We only use sustainably forested lumber. Both the Teak and the Tiger wood used in our high-end contemporary patio furniture and barbecue grills are Lacey Act compliant. The Lacey Act is landmark US legislation that bans the use of illegally sourced wood products.

Our 2-grill model can easily accommodate between 6 and 8
guests, and our 3-grill table can easily seat between 8 and 12 guests! The 2 sizes are offered in both our classic Angara and also our top-of-the-line Angara Maximus lines. Our new Angara Quadra can comfortably accommodate 8 guests.

The gas line, whether natural gas or propane, snakes its way up one of the table’s legs and into the grill –– very clean and unobtrusive!

Only in the square shaped Quadra model, the propane tank fits under the table. For our standard Angara and Angara Maximus models, we offer a matching enclosure (optional) for the propane tank as well.

The secret is in the engineering and placement of the ceramic briquettes. Our unique briquettes absorb heat from the burners and then distribute it evenly making the grill both heat and energy efficient.

Ceramic briquettes are included with each table purchase.

Warranties & returns

We offer 100% Customer Satisfaction.We are so confident that once you set your eyes on the Angara you will immediately be smitten that we offer a No-Questions-Asked Return Policy.

Within 30 days of taking delivery of your Angara grilling table, if for whatever reason, should you decide that our modern outdoor dining table and barbecue grill is not the right fit for your home, no problem! Just let us know and we will arrange to have the unit picked up and we will pay the return shipping as well! All we ask is that you arrange to repack it in the original packaging to facilitate transportation.

To ensure you have complete peace of mind, we take all the risks! Read our Warranty and Return Policy

The Angara Maximus grill table comes with a 5 year limited warranty on the parts for the table and its burner unit, and all its electronic components come with a 2 year limited warranty when used for personal use (not commercial).

Our classic Angara grill table comes with a 2 year limited warranty on the parts for the table and its burner unit for home use.

The Quadra table comes with a 1-year limited warranty, including parts and labor on the grill chassis and the table.

The warranty applies only to the original owner and normal residential use. Issues resulting from negligence, abuse or unauthorized use in a commercial, hospitality or any other non-residential setting are not covered.

For our commercial and hospitality customers, their purchases are covered by a separate warranty. Call for more information.


In most circumstances, our normal delivery time is about 4 weeks. Due to the current heavy backlog, it will take approximately 6-8 weeks before your table is delivered to you.

Yes, we ship our Social Grilling tables all over the world! Please contact us and let us know where you would like us to ship the table and we will be happy to get you a shipping quote.

General questions

Yes, absolutely. On cool nights, the "boat" which houses the burner system (you can see it in the pictures –– it is the one that protrudes from under the table), radiates out just enough heat to keep you and your guests warm below the table. And of course our customers also use it as a warming table when they don't plan on grilling but want to sit outside to have a glass of wine. You will find that the Angara is a very conformable piece of outdoor furniture that will fit your need of the day extremely well!

Yes, the BBQ table shown in Angelina Jolie’s home in British Vogue is indeed the Angara Maximus Social Grilling table made by iBBQ.

We believe our Angara table was the inspiration, however, we are sure you will agree that the Angara table is better looking than the one shown in the movie!

Absolutely. The burners have beautiful wood covers that match the wood of the table.

As long as the space is well ventilated it is fine. You cannot have a social grilling table in an enclosed area – it needs ventilation.

Heat from the grill also helps keep people warm. It can be used like an outdoor fire pit table for entertaining. It just won’t have tall flames, but will be comfortable on cool nights with cocktails.

As Teak and Tigerwood are the top-quality woods for outdoor furniture, they stand up to the elements and are easily restored to their original beauty with a quick application of Teak oil two or three times a year. It is highly recommended you use the all-weather canvas cover that is available.

Virtually anything you would cook on a grill or stove: Veggies, Shrimp, Chicken, Steaks. You can even buy a griddle designed for the Angara Table to make breakfasts like eggs, pancakes, and bacon.

Yes, we do. Our founders purchased the original Cole Henley BBQ table back in 2014 for their London apartment and liked it so much that they bought out the company and moved production to the United States and renamed the table Angara.

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