"This Backyard Stunner is in a Class of Its Own."

Forbes Magazine

"The ultimate in outdoor entertaining."

Robb Report

"The Angara Maximus is a Stunning Piece of Grilling Heaven."

Grill Magazine

"The Angara Table Takes the Art of Barbecuing to a Whole New Level."

Malibu Times
  • World's most beautiful korean barbecue grill table for family and friends

    The Angara will transform your patio into Party Central

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Mama Angelina Jolie on angara maximus

Social Grilling®

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This Backyard Stunner is in a Class of Its Own.

— Forbes Magazine

Korean BBQ Table | Korean BBQ Grill Table

Invest in fond memories with good friends.

Social Grilling is a wonderful way to feel connected to friends and family. It's an interactive way to enjoy good food and good company.


“The Angara table is one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself or my family of 6.
It is worth every penny because you can’t put a price on time with family and friends.”

Elizabeth Allen — Charlottesville, VA

“The table brings all of us together, different age groups.
It’s an interactive way to grill and come together.
We love it and come here all the time.”

Emily Bachli — Resident of the High Ridge Apartments, Boynton Beach, FL

“My husband and I use it just about every night. We are mostly
vegan so the Angara gives everything we cook an upgrade.
What a great table. We LOVE it!”

Cecilia Coppell — Puerto Vallarta, MX

“The Angara table is amazing! Very modern and clean. I purchased the 8 person model
so we could host friends, and every one that has used it loves it!”

Steven Chao — Irvine, California

“Best purchase of 2020 — our Angara Social Grill table. It’s
BBQ without the forced social distancing of the griller.
Quarantine life enhancing.”

Danielle & Justin Choice - Newport Coast, California

The best restaurant in town is in your backyard.