Not just a beautiful piece of contemporary outdoor furniture... It's a lifestyle.

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European Design Sensibility Meets American Technological Ingenuity

The innovative Angara outdoor grill table promotes Social Grilling™, a fun, interactive way to grill with family and friends.

In the ancient Sanskrit language the name Angara means “the fire within” and it perfectly embodies our table’s unique function. Originally designed in the town of Cole Henley, England, by Anthony Groves, an innovative British designer, these contemporary patio tables include as many as 3 independently fired gas barbecue grills ingeniously built right into the tables. Offered in two models, the high-end Angara Maximus and the standard Angara, each and every barbecue table is built to exacting standards in imported hardwood and marine-grade stainless steel. And depending upon the model, they include state-of-the-art features like Solid-State Electronic Flame Management Ignition, Keyed Safety Lockout Switch, WiFi Programmable RGB Color LED Lighting, and a host of other features that will enthrall you and your friends for years to come.

With the Angara, backyard grilling will never be the same again!

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Angara and Social Grilling's ability to bring families and friends together is a game changer. Finally I can enjoy my own bbq party with friends instead of being stuck in a corner grilling the old fashioned way!

Boomer Esiason
Former NFL Quarterback and Media Personality

The beauty of the grill table is that you not only get to grill in front of your guests, but they get to help.

Steven Raichlen
Celebrity chef & star of the new PBS TV show,
Project Fire, with sommelier Kristine Bocchino

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Come Together... Right Now!

A contemporary outdoor furniture concept that brings families and friends back to the dinner table.

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Now Each Person at the Table Can Grill Their Favorite Food!

I love this product. I have been in this industry for over 40 years and this is singularly one of the most amazing things I have seen.

Chef Andrew Spurgin


Social Grilling

The Angara is the Perfect Party Table for Every Occasion

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Let's have some fun – together!

Americans love barbecue parties—a time-honored tradition for family and friends to come together and enjoy an afternoon of fun, food, and drinks.

Unfortunately, the only person who does not get to participate in the day’s festivities is the host.

While the guests are having a ball, he or she is usually tucked away in a corner, sweating it out in front of the hot grill, feverishly preparing the food and serving it piecemeal or lukewarm, too rare or too well done for differing tastes.

For the host, a typical barbecue party is anything but fun. In fact, it is a very lonely business.

Social Grilling around the Angara table changes everything you have come to expect at traditional BBQ parties: Now the host and the guests can all sit around these magnificent barbecue tables and enjoy the fun experience of grilling, together!

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Opening of iBBQ's Social Grilling Showroom in Del Mar, California

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