Outdoor Dining Table Like No Other

World’s Most Beautiful Barbecue Grill

Epitome of Art, and Function

Modern Outdoor Barbecue Table

Many enthusiasts of outdoor grilling may be surprised to learn that the word barbecue has been part of the American lexicon since the 1700’s when President George Washington held the first presidential barbecue. It is safe to assume that if he were to show up today at a BBQ bash, he’d be amazed to see our modern, high-end gas barbecue grills. Clearly, cooking on the barbie is a time-honored social tradition that is just as popular today as it was way back then…

However, for the typical host of a contemporary barbecue party, organizing an event is as much of a chore today as it was two centuries ago. Usually tasked with manning the grill, his is a mostly lonely business. Whilst the guests are having a ball, he is sweating it out in front of the grill, feverishly getting the food ready, making sure that his party is well fed and in full swing…without him.

Going forward and thanks to iBBQ, he won’t feel so lonely.

Today, iBBQ offers the world’s only contemporary patio dining table with a gas barbecue grill conveniently built right into it. Our interactive barbecue table’s modern design and state of the art features will enthrall your friends and family alike. Now the host, the hostess, and all the guests can sit together and enjoy the fun experience of grilling–– together!

Backyard grilling will never be the same again…

Angara, the perfect embodiment of Art, Form and Function

In the ancient Sanskrit language, the word “angara” means the fire within. We thought the name was appropriate for our beautiful barbecue table.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Angara are the graceful lines of its elegant design as the table exudes opulence from every angle. Painstakingly handcrafted in Lacey Act compliant* exotic Iroko wood, also known as the “African Teak,” and high-grade T304 stainless steel, the table oozes with great taste and style. Sophisticated cognoscenti of luxury furniture will immediately recognize the time and artful effort that went into the construction of this modern outdoor dining table.

The pinnacle of beautiful furniture design, the Angara delivers stunning good looks and unmatched functionality. For the purveyors of premium furniture, owning an Angara will be de rigueur.

Angara is more than a piece of high-end contemporary outdoor furniture…it’s a lifestyle!

* The Lacey Act is a landmark US legislation that bans the use of illegally sourced wood products..

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State of the Art Burner Technology

Angara’s barbecue grill burners come with solid-state flame rectification technology that delivers continuous flame monitoring. With auto re-ignition, an electrode in the tip of the spark igniter senses the flame, and if the gas valve is on but no flame is detected, then using the process of rectification, it sends a signal to the spark module to seamlessly relight the burner. This technology offers safer operations by preventing any buildup of gas above the cooktop.

Another safety feature that parents with young children will especially appreciate is the manual gas shut-off valve, with key, to prevent kids from playing with the grill without adult supervision.

In addition, our burners come with completely hassle-free, one touch electronic ignition to quickly light up the grill. Our gas burners, built in Grade T304 stainless steel can deliver up to 45,000 btu of searing heat to ensure that your meat is cooked exactly the way you and your guest(s) demand.


Angara built in gas grills

Contemporary Design + Modern Technology sets up the Perfect Mood

The Angara comes with another cool feature that is sure to delight you and your guests:
Discreet LED lights that can be programmed to deliver that perfect mood lighting at your next special event.

Barbecue Grill with LED Glow Red
Barbecue Grills with LED Glow White
Barbecue Grill with LED-Glow-Green


Our barbecue table along with the benches and the propane gas tank enclosure are all built in beautiful Iroko, a very dense and hardy wood that’s not susceptible to rot or insect attack.

All furniture pieces are meticulously hand built by skilled and experienced craftsmen. Our exacting manufacturing and quality control process is time intensive and it takes our skilled team almost a week to complete each table. The result: a high quality piece of exquisite furniture that delivers unprecedented functionality. With very limited maintenance and upkeep, the Angara should give you and your family years of trouble-free service and enjoyment.

We are so confident about the quality of our modern barbecue tables that we provide a 10 year limited guarantee on all our furniture pieces and also on the burner units. On all the electronics in the burner system, we offer 2 years of unconditional warranty.