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outdoor dining table with grill

Transform outdoor entertaining into a Michelin star experience.

Elevate backyard barbecue parties into an interactive and immersive grilling experience that's fun for everyone — including you, the host!

Celebrity Chef Steven Raichlen (Author NYT Bestseller, The Barbecue Bible)

"When you simmer a stew, your friends don't gather around the stove. But when you grill, everyone gathers around, and the act of cooking becomes a party."

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Angelina Jolie enjoying a bbq meal around her iBBQ Angara Maximus

Angelina Jolie

Though not a direct testimonial from Academy award winning actress Angelina Jolie, this picture published in the March 2021 cover issue of British Vogue shows her enjoying a bbq meal around her Angara Maximus with kids Zahara, Vivienne and Knox at their Los Feliz, California home.

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8 people eating around the angara quadra grilling table

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