Why buy an Angara social grilling table?

Acquiring an Angara table is not a purchase.
It’s an investment. Hear it directly from our customers:

  • “The Angara is one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself and my family of six. It’s worth every penny because you cannot put a price tag on spending quality time with family and friends.”

    Elizabeth Allen, Charlottesville, VA

  • “Our Angara grill table has been one of the BEST investments ever — in people, in relationships, in good times, in amazing food and in the overall social quality of life. It has brought our family closer together, given us a platform to celebrate around, and bonded us with our friends and social circle that we couldn’t have imagined.”

    Mayra & Paul Epstein, Pasadena, CA

  • “Purchasing the Angara grill table was the best investment my husband and I made in our new home. With the two separate grills, our family and friends always have a terrific time enjoying both Asian BBQ and kebabs at the same time”

    Lore Liang, San Jose, CA