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Customer Testimonials

From happy social grillers worldwide.

Quan La

Irvine, California

Quan La

"The Angara is everything we hoped it would be — a well-constructed built-in table grill with an attractive design to match. It is the centerpiece of our backyard that continues to impress family and guests.

We grill meats together, chicken comes off the grates moist and tender; heat small soups, share fondue, and finish with smores — a surefire hit with the kids. After using it for more than a year, it still heats well and quickly.

At times, we skip the long wait and take out from overcrowded restaurants to grill in the comfort of our own backyard (i.e. Korean, Japanese, Brazilian BBQ).

And the customer service at ibbq is excellent."

Angelina Jolie enjoying a bbq meal around her iBBQ Angara Maximus

British Vogue

Angelina Jolie

Though not a direct testimonial from Academy award winning actress Angelina Jolie, this picture published in the March 2021 cover issue of British Vogue shows her enjoying a bbq meal around her Angara Maximus with kids Zahara, Vivienne and Knox at their Los Feliz, California home.

korean bbq table

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Cecilia Coppell

“My husband and I use it just about every night. We are mostly vegan so the Angara gives everything we cook an upgrade. What a great table. We LOVE it!”

outdoor dining table with bbq grill

San Jose, California

Lore Liang

"Purchasing the Angara grill table was the best investment my husband and I made in our new home. With the two separate grills, our family and friends always have a terrific time enjoying both Asian BBQ and kebabs at the same!"

korean barbecue table grill

Chicago, Illinois

Joseph Lee

"When designing our outdoor space, I envisioned a dining table that could double as a heater for the colder nights in Chicago and we could also roast s’mores and grill Korean bbq.

I was thrilled to discover the Angara table and that it was made in the US. We enjoyed our table so much over the years that we recently purchased a second one for our cabin in Wisconsin."

korean bbq table

Denver, Colorado

Glen Tuscan

“As a home entertainer with a passion for delivering the best guest experience, the Angara Social Grilling table has proven to be an unmatched hit!”

ANGARA MAXIMUS Social grilling table

US Naval Attache, American Embassy, Brasilia, Brazil

Barnet Harris

“I’ve yet to do business with a company so willing to accommodate its clients like ibbq, Inc. The hoops that their team had to jump through to accommodate my myriad requests was truly impressive! As a career military officer, I deeply appreciate an organization that shows such understanding and care towards its customers.

A few words about the product: I went for The Full Monty, their Angara Maximus with all the trimmings and I absolutely couldn’t be happier!

Words fail me to adequately describe the quality, attention to detail, and their “spare no expense” approach to the building of my table. This is the table to end all tables, let alone the
grill to end all grills! The teak is breathtaking.The welds and metal work, outstanding. The technology inside the table, very impressive. Every aspect of my table, benches, the tank enclosure and accessories all 100% first class!

My family and I use the table about two to three times a week for wonderful dinnertime gatherings that have added eager anticipation and excitement  to what used to be a pretty staid and routine event. We use the table both for its grill and just as an outdoor table. Either way, this exquisite piece of  furniture has enhanced the quality of our family life.

Going forward, we are eager to entertain many international guests as part of my line of work; essentially showing off the second-to-none craftsmanship from a classic, California—based, American business!

Without question, this table is going to be the cornerstone of our social life in Brazil."

Judy and Jerry Watson enjoying with The Angara Maximus

Greenville, Alabama

Judy and Jerry Watson

"We built our vacation home deep in the forested area of Alabama so we can spend isolated days there with family and friends. The Angara Maximus provides us a second place to dine. The fantastic design of this grill table encourages conversation that brings us closer together while we enjoy the beauty of the outdoor surroundings and the sounds of nature."


North Hampton, New Hampshire

Chelsi Christensen (Interior Designer)

"I recently built a home on the seacoast of New Hampshire and created a cozy outdoor living space with a fire table, retractable screens, lots of seating, but the cherry on top is the Quadra grill table.

This unparalleled 8-person grill table enables people to have a sit-down, grilling and dining experience with their friends, rather than running back and forth from the grill to the table. No one misses out on the conversations.

The quality is very high end, and the amount of food it fits is surprising, and it's easy to clean. My friends have a blast using it and all want one as well. I love it!"

korean barbecue table grill

Indianapolis, Indiana

Linda and Frank Reich

“This is the most enjoyable and socially interactive invention! Not only is the Angara table fun to use, it is also a beautiful piece of furniture and a wonderful addition to our home.”

korean bbq grill table

Calgary, AB, Canada

Shafik Hirani

"After experiencing interactive grilling with family at a local Gyu Kaku restaurant here in Calgary, I wanted to bring this amazing dining experience to my home. An online search yielded IBBQ.  I contacted the company and the order and delivery of our Angara Maximus were seamless.  

And as soon as we started grilling around it is when the magic happened.  This table has delivered on so many levels I didn’t expect. The energy and experience using it over the last 2 years has been spectacular.  The food tastes amazing, hot and fresh as it’s sizzling off the grill.  The fact that everyone has fun grilling and eating together is just hard to beat. Wow!"

outdoor dining table with barbeque grill

Charlottesville, Virginia

Elizabeth Allen

“The Angara is one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself or my family of 6. It is worth every penny because you can’t put a price tag on spending quality time with family and friends.”

Angara outdoor dining table with grill

Newport Coast, California

Danielle & Justin Choi

“Best purchase of 2020 — our Angara social grill table. It’s BBQ without the forced social distancing of the griller. Quarantine life enhancing.”

outdoor dining table with grill

Irvine, California

Steven Chao

“The Angara table is amazing! Very modern & clean. The table features marine grade metal, lovely teak wood & LED lights that change colors to set the mood via a remote. It looks beautiful in my outdoor living space. We purchased the 8 person model so we could host friends & everyone loves it!”

dining table with built in grill

Palm Beach, Florida

Adrianne Spiegel

“I bought the Angara Maximus. We use it all the time! It’s the talk of the town and so much fun Everything cooked on it is delicious and everyone cooks their food to their preferences. Absolutely the best purchase I ever made!”

Pasadena, California

Mayra & Paul Epstein

“Our Angara grill table has been one of the BEST investments ever — in people, in relationships, in good times, in amazing food and in the overall social quality of life. It’s brought our family closer together, given us a platform to celebrate around, and bonded us with our friends and social circle that we couldn’t have imagined.”