Frustrated because you can't dine

at your favorite restaurant

due to Social Distancing?


Social Grilling

the Perfect Antidote to

Social Distancing!

Tell Me More!

Angara and Social Grilling

will Transform Your Backyard  into

Your Family's Favorite Restaurant

After all, Life is Better Together!TM

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Happy customers not only shared their experience(s)
with the Angara, they also shared its pictures in their homes!

“The Angara table is one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself or my family of 6. It is worth every penny because you can’t put a price on time with family and friends.”

Elizabeth Allen

Charlottesville, VA

“The table brings all of us together, different age groups.
It’s an interactive way to grill and come together.
We love it and come here all the time.”

Emily Bachli

Resident of the High Ridge Apartments
Boynton Beach, FL

“My husband and I use it just about every night. We are mostly
vegan so the Angara gives everything we cook an upgrade.
What a great table. We LOVE it!”

Cecilia Coppell

Puerto Vallarta, MX

“The Angara table is amazing! Very modern and clean.
I purchased the 8 person model so we could host
friends, and every one that has used it loves it!”

Steven Chao

Irvine, California

“Best purchase of 2020 — our Angara Social Grill table. It’s
BBQ without the forced social distancing of the griller.
Quarantine life enhancing.”

Danielle & Justin Choice

Newport  Coast,  California

"This is the most enjoyable and socially interactive invention! Not only is the Angara table fun to use, it is also a beautiful piece of furniture and a wonderful addition to our home."

Frank and Linda Reich

Indianapolis, IN

“As a home entertainer with a passion for delivering
the best guest experience, the Angara Social Grilling
table has proven to be an unmatched hit!”

Glen Tuscan

Denver, Colorado

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