The World’s Most Expensive BBQ Grills – Reviews / Ratings

#10 The Memphis Elite – $4,599.00

This BBQ grill unit is strictly wood fired. The cooking surface area is more than ample with 1252 square inches of space to work your magic. Equipped with dual convection fans, a 24lb hopper for the wood pellets and a precise and accurate temperature control system, the Memphis Elite can handle any kind of heat from 180 to 700 degrees F. The Memphis Elite can stand up to the competition with its ability to grill, smoke, roast and bake all in one unit. If you ever imagined a grill unit capable of pulling off a pineapple upside down cake as well as a scrumptious plate of ribs, then this grill is it.

#9 Viking Ultra – Premium 42 inch Gas Grill – $5,789.00

This luxury grill has two stainless steel burners, infrared rotisserie, infrared TruSear burner, smoker box and warming rack. In addition, to all of the many features common to high end BBQ grill units this company has a name and reputation that consumers have grown to trust. With 706 square inches of cooking surface and the heat to back it up, this unit will provide good service and a delightful outcome whenever it is used by its owner.

#8 Grillco Propane Gas Corn Roaster Grill – $6,599.00

This high-end barbecue grill is a workhorse. The unit measures five feet wide and has the surface area to cook for a lot of people. This unit can not only roast potatoes, corn, fish and vegetables but is easily converted to a grill. Capable of producing 150,000 BTU’s of even heat the unit can cook up 120 ears of corn an hour. If you like entertaining the masses then this grill will fit the bill.

#7 Lynx Professional – $6,999.00

Like the cat it’s named after, this unit exudes power and strength. Equipped with three brass cast burners and a Pro-Sears burner pushing 98,000 BTU’s, the Lynx Professional can handle the heat. The 1555 sq. inches of cooking surface combined with ceramic briquettes makes even cooking guaranteed. A smoker box and a dual position rotisserie with a 3 – speed motor are included with this unit. It also features dual halogen grilling lights, a feature which will spotlight your cooking prowess any time of the night.

#6 Twin Eagles 42 inch Propane Gas Grill – $7,200.00

This high-end barbecue grill consists of three 14 gauge stainless steel burners with 25,000 BTU’s of heat radiating from each one. An impressive cooking surface of 1060 square inches affords a good working space for the outdoor chef. Pull out drawers make for easy storage of BBQ tools and accessories.

#5 Baker’s Pride Charbroiler – $7,546.00

This charbroiler has a substantial grilling surface large enough to handle big crowds. Equipped with a broiling area and cast iron adjustable grates this unit is meant to work for your money. If you have a large group of steak lovers in your circle of friends this is the unit for you.

#4 Alfresco LX 2 42 inch Natural Gas Grill with Rotisserie – $7,600.00

Three main stainless steel burners supply 82,500 BTU’s of heat. The integrated rotisserie includes a built in motor and an 18,500 BTU infrared burner. This unit also has a smoker system with its own 5000 BTU burner. Actual grilling area on this beautiful unit covers 770 square inches. This expensive gas barbecue grill also has dual halogen high intensity lights plus the cool optional feature of a refrigerated base unit for the bottom of the grill.

#3 Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Propane Gas Grill – $8,700.00

The E790 has 2 stainless steel burners and infrared burner which offers 99,000 BTU’s of heat for the ample 792 square inches of cooking surface. This high-end barbecue grill also features a 13,000 BTU stainless steel Quantum rotisserie. The unit also has a smoker box with its own dedicated 3,000 BTU burner.

#2 Kalamazoo K 750 HT Hybrid – $16,000.00(base price) – $20,000.00 (with side burner)

This is the ultra high-end barbecue grill unit that will make BBQ chefs weak in the knees. The quality and standard features on this grill makes it a contender for the crown. The 750 is a 38 inch three burner grill measuring 726 square inches. One of the outstanding features of this gas grill is its ability to cook with wood as well as charcoal. The 750 is remarkably versatile utilizing a variety of cooking techniques. It can smoke food in the low and slow tradition of American barbecue or it can sear foods quickly with temperatures capable of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. This unit can use all its fuel sources interchangeably or in combination. The unit is favored by many of today’s professional chefs, a fact which makes it even more desirable to amateur chefs with discerning taste.

#1 The Gold Plated Beefeater – estimated value between $50,000.00 – $150,000.00

If price is the main arbiter, then this high-end barbecue grill by Beefeater should win the title of most expensive. This unit features six high output burners, a wok, a roasting hood with a viewing window, a vaporizer grid, a warming rack and a reflector system. The big feature that makes it totally unique from its competition is; the entire unit is gold plated, with the exception of the cooking surfaces. This fact puts it squarely in front of all the other expensive BBQ grills in the pack. Given it’s out of range price, the question remains whether anyone would ever want to cook on it let alone clean up afterwards in fear of scratching it.

Note: Some of the prices attributed to the listed brands in this article represent manufacturer list prices while others are retail outlet prices.

In some parts of the world summer has already arrived and outdoor chefs are busily preparing themselves for a season of spectacular cookouts and entertaining. Outdoor cooks are spending their time reviewing the latest trends in outdoor cookery as well as the best high-end barbecue grill units to hit the market. BBQ lovers have an insatiable hunger for newly designed grills and accessories.

The appetite for the newest and hottest luxury outdoor grill is no different than the desire to own the latest new sports car. And, in some cases, the price tag is almost as expensive. The following ten BBQ units represent some of the most expensive BBQ grills to potentially grace outdoor decks in the last few years. Prepare yourself to be wooed!

Keep in mind being listed at the bottom of a list like this is not a reflection of workmanship or quality. It serves only as a price indicator. All of the grill units listed here are of outstanding quality and deserve the salivating attentions of any reasonable minded outdoor chef.

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