Korean barbecue grill table

Why Social Grilling?

Because it is more fun.   It is interactive.   It is more social.

And it will bring your family closer Guaranteed!

Life is Better Together®

"​Is it a great grill? Is it a great table? Is it great fun?
The new Quadra from ibbq is all of the above."



"​Better than a barbecue, more versatile
than a traditional outdoor table. The Angara grill
reimagines the art of outdoor entertaining."

Desert Magazine


"​The Ultimate in Outdoor Entertaining"

Robb Report

Angara Maximus

Our Happy Customers' Reviews

We are most proud of our customers' endorsements.
They not only allowed us to to use their full names, they also shared pictures of their grill tables in their backyards and patios.

Angelina Jolie, British Vogue

Photo Credit: British Vogue

Angelina Jolie, British Vogue

Though not a direct testimonial from Academy award winning actress Angelina Jolie, this picture published in the March 2021 cover issue of British Vogue shows her enjoying a bbq meal around her Angara Maximus with kids Zahara, Vivienne and Knox at their Los Feliz, California home.

outdoor patio dining furniture

Photo Credit: Judy and Jerry Watson

Judy and Jerry Watson, Greenville, Alabama

We built our vacation home deep in the forested area of Alabama so we can spend isolated days there with family and friends. The Angara Maximus provides us a second place to dine. The fantastic design of this grill table encourages conversation that brings us closer together while we enjoy the beauty of the outdoor surroundings and the sounds of nature.

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Want to experience barbecuing the Japanese way? Take home our Japanese Teppanyaki grill table. Social grilling is the latest outdoor entertaining trend, and you can get ahead of the trend by bringing a Japanese Teppanyaki Grill Table to your home today!

Modern barbecues are frequently equipped with various gadgets and appliances that can assist consumers in elevating their grilling and dining experience. One such appliance comes from Japanese cuisine and is a terrific addition to any backyard, especially if you enjoy Japanese cuisine; the Teppanyaki grill.

Japanese Teppanyaki Grill is Japanese-inspired cooking tools with a hot plate often made of iron. These barbecues are frequently placed directly in front of your guests. Teppanyaki grills are elegant, and the simplistic design is pleasing to both the cook and the audience. Using a Teppanyaki grill is enjoyable and convenient, making it an ideal tool for dealing with social occasions.

The Angara teppanyaki grill with its beautifully designed table oozes elegance and style and you will be proud to use and entertain around.  You and your family and friends are guaranteed to enjoy the Angara both for its looks and the way it cooks!  Using the Angara teppanyaki grill is enjoyable and convenient, making it an ideal tool for all your home entertaining.

If you are looking for the highest quality Japanese Teppanyaki grills, then visit ibbq.com!