Introducing our newest grill table — the Quadra
"Is it a great grill? Is it a great table? Is it great fun? The new Quadra is all of the above."


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Let's Grill Together!

Let's Grill Together!

Let’s rekindle the memories of a bygone era...

when everyone gathered around the dining table

and participated in the nightly ritual of family bonding

while enjoying the evening dinner — together.

Your nostalgic yearnings for those halcyon days

can be recreated into today’s beautiful reality with...

World's most beautiful korean barbecue grill table for family and friends

We pioneered Social Grilling®, an interactive and fun

way to gather the family around and enjoy a

truly immersive dining experience.

Feast together by day or dine under the stars,

social grilling will elevate the way you entertain — Guaranteed!

After all, Life is Better Together!

Enjoying bbq party with Barbecue grill table