Enjoying bbq party with Barbecue grill table

Why Social Grilling?

Life before the advent of the smartphone was simple and special.

Every evening, families gathered around the dinner table
to enjoy the nightly ritual of dining and bonding.
Times were beautiful, magical and sublime.

Want to recreate those times? 

Your nostalgic yearning for those halcyon days will
come alive with immersive dining.

Experience social grilling and be amazed how much quality 
time your kids will want to spend with you.

Ask them…and allow the good times to roll — again!

Our Happy Customers' Reviews

We are most proud of our customers' endorsements.
They not only allowed us to to use their full names, they also shared pictures of their grill tables in their backyards and patios.

Angelina Jolie, British Vogue

Photo Credit: British Vogue

Angelina Jolie, British Vogue

Though not a direct testimonial from Academy award winning actress Angelina Jolie, this picture published in the March 2021 cover issue of British Vogue shows her enjoying a bbq meal around her Angara Maximus with kids Zahara, Vivienne and Knox at their Los Feliz, California home.

outdoor patio dining furniture

Photo Credit: Judy and Jerry Watson

Judy and Jerry Watson, Greenville, Alabama

We built our vacation home deep in the forested area of Alabama so we can spend isolated days there with family and friends. The Angara Maximus provides us a second place to dine. The fantastic design of this grill table encourages conversation that brings us closer together while we enjoy the beauty of the outdoor surroundings and the sounds of nature.

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