Angara Maximus grill with beautiful table setting

Designer Backyard: 5 Fashionable Picks for Outdoor Spaces

iBBQ Barbie Q logoHow to Create a Designer Backyard

Fashion Week is coming up, which has me thinking about how to create a designer backyard. Your back garden and patio can be dressed up just like those chisel-cheeked beanpoles on the runway. A lot of them come into hair and makeup looking pretty plain, so even a nondescript plot of grass can be transformed into a designer backyard in a jiffy. Order one or two or a few of these ultra cool items and your outdoor space will become so alluring that you may never go back inside.

1. Gorgeous Gloster Grid Deep Seating Set

This outdoor patio furniture set from will take your pool party to a whole other level. The indoor living room is so over. This outdoor living room rules the day... and the night.

Gray outdoor couch and connected table
Gloster Grid Modern Deep Seating Group from

2. Angara Maximus Grill Table from iBBQ

The design savvy will flip over this new concept: a sleek sustainably-forested teak table with a high-tech grill built right into the middle of it. Your designer backyard will double as a designer barbecue venue with this beauty as its centerpiece. Form and function at its finest. Check out all of the Angara Maximus features.

8-seater Angara Maximus grill table oceanside
The 8-seater Angara Maximus grill table is as pretty as the ocean view from this designer backyard patio.

3. Weathering Steel Obelisk Chiminea from Terrain

Is the fire pit passe yet? Maybe not but I love the concept of a chiminea (and that cute word also has "chim chiminey, chim chiminey, chim, chim, cher-ee..." running through my head, which is a totally irrelevant aside but I thought you should know. I hope it's running through your head now too so we are sharing a Dick Van Dyke moment ). $448 on

steel obelisk chiminea
Weathering Steel Obelisk Chiminea from Terrain

4. Modern Home LED Glowing Cube Box Stool

Complement the LED lighting on your Angara Maximus grill table with these glowing cubes. You'll light up your designer backyard and light up the faces of party-goers with these cool club effects. The kids will love the infrared remote control too! Under $100 on

blue green and purple glowing LED cubes with wine glasses on top
Modern Home LED Glowing Cubes

5. Cedar Chicken Coop with Planter from Williams Sonoma

Thinking chicken wire coop on the farm at your Uncle Hank's in Iowa? Nope, chicken coops have flown to a whole other level and are popping up in the most stylish backyards like animal prints in Fall 2018 collections. Now to find the most fashionable and clever one for your designer backyard. Bingo! This haute coop - with a planter built into it - is simply egg-cellent. $1499.95 on

cedar chicken coop with two levels, egg drawer, planter
Cedar Chicken Coop with Planter, from Williams Sonoma

Bonus Designer Backyard Accessory

You know how those fashionistas always carry miniature dogs around in their Prada bags? Well, if you happen to have a cute little doggie on the premises, he or she is sure to add a little personality to your fabulous outdoor space and, with a little training, may even be able to grill alongside your guests at your next Angara Social Grilling party!

Dog with tongs in paws at Angara grill table
A cute dog is a great accessory for your designer backyard.

Stay tuned next Monday for the Best BBQ Tips for a Fabulous Labor Day Picnic!