Grilling Fun in the Autumn - 5 Reasons to Grill This Autumn

Grilling Fun in the Autumn - 5 Reasons to Grill This Autumn

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If you live in a seasonal climate where temps are beginning to dip, fall grilling may not sound as appealing as cozying up in front of the fireplace but you have all winter for that. Autumn is actually the ideal time for barbecuing, so ditch your father's custom of covering up the grill after Labor Day. Open your mind and stoke the flames for some fall grilling fun...


5 Reasons Autumn is the Best BBQ Season

1. No Sweat

Slaving over a hot grill in the middle of August is not always pleasant, but in the fall you just layer up appropriately and cook comfortably - the heat of the bbq warming your hands, the cool breeze blowing through you hair, your buddies cooking up a little football talk in a huddle around the grill. That's like poetry for your inner caveman, right? If you own an iBBQ Angara grill table, situate it on a cozy corner of your patio and gather your family and friends for a body-and-soul warming evening of social grilling.


2. Date Night

Champagne, steak, and salad for two at the Angara grill table Fall grilling at iBBQ's Angara grill table the perfect date night. A little chill in the air, some chilled champagne on the table, and a hot grilled meal - it's a great recipe to set the mood for a romantic date night.


3. Fall Grilling Menu

grilled lamb steaks with grilled peppers and herbs

Moroccan Grilled Lamb Steaks. Recipe by Steven Raichlen. Photo by Chris Bierlein.

In the fall, our appetites are up and the season of the go-to burger and dog bbq is past. Now entrees like Moroccan Grilled Lamb Steaks sound more delicious than they may have in the midst of salad, watermelon, and swimsuit season. And so many fruits and veggies that are perfect for grilling are hitting the farmer's market now: apples, eggplant, squash, pumpkin (stay tuned for a post on pumpkin recipes). Check out this link for ideas and nutritional inspiration: 8 Best Veggies to Grill.


4. Football BBQ

A game on TV, juicy burgers on the grill, the kids playing a game of flag football in the backyard - what's not to love about that fall grilling scenario?


5. S'mores!

Your kids will explain that there is no explanation needed here! If you happen to have grown up in Siberia or Tasmania or some other locale this campfire favorite has yet to reach, you can reference this handy S'mores how-to video on Hershey's website. (Siberians and Tasmanians, correct me if your culture actually already has embraced this American marshmallow-chocolate-Graham Cracker treat!)


Stay tuned on Barbie Q for pumpkin recipes and Halloween dinner party tips, coming your way this October!