Fire Up the Grill -- It's Men Make Dinner Day!

Fire Up the Grill -- It's Men Make Dinner Day!

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iBBQ Barbie Q logo Yes, it's true, it's National Men Make Dinner Day! Guys, the safest route to success is to incorporate a bbq into your dinner plans. Not to stereotype, but I know the caveman in you loves nothing more than an excuse to fire up the grill  (and speaking of stereotypes, we'll know men and women are equal in the household activities department when we have a National Women Make Dinner Day!)

If you need a cheat sheet on what to cook, grillmaster Steven Raichlen - a man who makes dinner (and breakfast...and lunch...) every day - has designed 12 Signature Recipes for iBBQ.

If you want more recipe ideas and some historical background on the brave folk who have paved the way to a cooking day for men, read up on National Men Make Dinner Day . This holiday actually dates back to the caveman days of 2001, in case you are wondering.

Before the next testosterone fueled cooking fest, or to offload bbq duties to the women (and kids) in the house, consider an Angara grill table. It will turn every day into National Family Makes Dinner Day...

Angara Maximus grill table The Angara Maximus Grill Table

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Stay tuned for Election Day comfort food next week!