Outdoor Grilling table similar to Guy Ritchie's BBQ Grill Table in The Gentlemen

Guy Ritchie's BBQ Grill Table from The Gentlemen

Can You Buy Guy Ritchie's BBQ Featured in The Gentlemen Movie?

Various products ranging from Coca-Cola to Ray-Ban sunglasses are constantly featured in movies as props and accessories. They’re a crucial aspect of cinematic storytelling and in some instances, they become the main focus of a movie scene, often leading to fans wanting to purchase the products featured on screen. One such example is the Guy Ritchie BBQ table depicted in the 2019 film “The Gentlemen”, where Hugh Grant and Charlie Hunnam’s characters are engaged in conversation about an outdoor BBQ grill that they are standing next to. 

Guy Ritchie is known to be a big fan of barbecuing and has admitted in previous interviews to owning more than 30 different grills. He even designed his own luxury grill table for entertaining celebrity friends at his Ashcombe House estate in England. Guy Ritchie’s BBQ table debuted at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2021 and costs upwards of $66,000.

Modern Grill Tables Like the One in The Gentlemen Movie

After “The Gentleman” was released in theaters, fans were intrigued by the grill table from “The Gentlemen” and flocked to websites such as Film and Furniture to inquire about where they could purchase Guy Ritchie’s BBQ table or something similar. While not everyone can afford the Guy Ritchie grill, iBBQ is a company that specializes in modern grill tables that offer quality and luxury without the steep price tag. Many fans of the grill in “The Gentlemen” movie have purchased iBBQ’s grills because of their style, quality and affordability.

iBBQ currently offers three different outdoor grill tables that are similar to “The Gentlemen” BBQ table with built-in grills designed for entertaining and social grilling. Each table runs on natural gas or propane, is versatile, beautifully designed, and offers an immersive dining experience that brings friends and family together. Their top-of-the-line social grill table is the Angara Maximus grilling table, which is handcrafted from Grade-A Burmese teak and framed with marine-grade T316 stainless steel. It comes in four, six and eight-seater options with additional features such as Wi-Fi programmable LED lighting in an assortment of colors and two auxiliary power outlets for easy device charging. Ranging from 59.5 inches long for the four-seater to 99.5 inches long for the eight-seater, the Angara Maximus grilling table is ideal for lunches, dinners and social events, making it a stylish centerpiece in any backyard, garden, deck or patio.

Angara Quadra patio grilling table

Another great option for those seeking something similar to the “The Gentlemen” BBQ table is the Angara grilling table, a sophisticated outdoor grill table that is crafted in tigerwood and showcases a powder coated steel frame with dishwasher-safe cooking grates that are designed to last for many years. Like the Angara Maximus, it is also available in four-seater, six-seater and eight-seater options. It features similar measurements to the Angara Maximus table and starts at $5,750. 

The newest addition to iBBQ’s family of grilling tables is the Angara Quadra grill table, a sleek and stylish barbecue grill table that is another great option for those wanting the equivalent of “The Gentlemen” BBQ table. Starting at $3,999, It can comfortably seat eight people and is ideal for grilling meat and toasting s’mores, as well as for keeping warm while sipping on cocktails and enjoying game nights with friends. Measuring 50 inches long and 50 inches wide, it is compact and can fit into a smaller backyard, balcony or patio space. It’s built with maintenance-free imitation wood that resembles real hardwood for a more elegant look, and it features heavy-duty, adjustable levers that keep the table stable on uneven floors and surfaces. Another feature that people love is the convenient stainless steel grill cover, which immediately transforms the Quadra into an outdoor dining table. 

Are Grills Like the One in The Gentlemen Getting More Popular?

Korean barbecue and Korean-style restaurants have remained among the most popular dining trends over the years because people love the entertainment and social aspect of the experience. All of the food and ingredients are brought to the table, which features a grill in the center so that diners can directly experience and engage in the cooking process together. Social grilling brings people together by fostering social interactions and creating a sense of closeness and community, providing people with the perfect setting to share good food and great conversation. In addition to encouraging social time, iBBQ’s tables also allow the chef to engage with guests while they prepare the meal instead of being stuck in a corner behind the grill. By adding an element of entertainment to the meal, younger kids and teens will have renewed interest in dining and interacting with family. 

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As the weather warms up, what better way to spend quality time with friends and family than by entertaining outdoors with your very own outdoor grilling table from iBBQ that is similar to the Guy Ritchie BBQ? For more information and to purchase, visit ibbq.com. You can contact us, send an email to info@ibbq.com, or call 1-800-YES-IBBQ, or visit iBBQ’s showroom in San Diego to try the Angara out for yourself.

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