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Barbecue Tables and the Joys of Summer Social Grilling

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Old Traditions Die Hard

While it seems like a great many of us have not enjoyed the experience of eating together in a very long time, the practice, thanks to the barbecue table, is making a welcome comeback. In our busy and hectic lives, old traditions die hard. A return to simple dining basics at the table, eating together in the presence of family and friends should be high on the priority list of all those who value the joy and the importance of social dining. The custom of eating together as a group has been the solid foundation of family life for thousands of years. Only in the last thirty to forty years have we witnessed a noticeable shift in this time honoured custom and familial behaviour. The impact of social, economic and technological changes on families has changed the very fabric that once intertwined and kept us connected as a social group. Today, both parents in the family unit often work and children faced with school, homework and a plethora of distractions seldom find the time to eat together as a family.

Good Table Manners

But despite the obstacles, the old tradition of gathering at the table is beginning to find its way home. The positive benefits associated with sharing good food and company at the same table is again gathering strength and popularity. Sharing food, especially for children, with other family members, promotes good eating habits. Diet choices tend to be healthier when meals are organized within the context of the family sitting down with each other. Eating together as a group makes the daily event a pleasant family ritual and it also brings value to the food being eaten. When adults gather at a table as friends, the experience promotes bonding and social connectivity.

A New Company Steps Forward

To all those who understand and appreciate the importance and social value of dining together with family and friends, there is a totally new and novel experience they can salivate on... A fresh and innovative face in the barbecue manufacturing industry has taken traditional dining experience up yet another notch: The company, iBBQ, Inc. has introduced a stunning looking high-end outdoor dining table called the Angara, which is just as innovative, as it is beautiful. The company calls it €œthe interactive barbecue table€ and the Robb Report, the bible of luxury living, dubbed it the€œThe Ultimate in Outdoor Entertaining.€ The Angara offers diners a truly immersive dining experience that is infinitely more enjoyable, and infinitely more fun. Now friends and family won't just eat together, they will also grill together. Comfortably seating 8-10 people, the table can easily accommodate a typical party of friends and family. In the center is a large grilling surface, actually 3 independently controlled gas-fired grills, that allows people sitting on either side of the table easy access to the cooking area. The experience of social grilling on a barbecue table like the Angara makes quick devotees of anyone who loves barbecue grilling and interacting with people. Social grilling also provides children important life lessons. When children are allowed to participate, under adult supervision of course, they are able to learn the fundamental basics of cooking which will serve them well later in life. It also teaches responsibility and the importance of assuming work tasks. For older adults it provides the emotional sustenance offered from other people, often missing when a meal is taken quickly and on the run. Aside from the social advantages of sharing a meal in the great outdoors there is one other equally important value to consider when using this perfect example of luxury outdoor furniture: It's an absolute blast! Adults who grill together not only benefit from the social advantages but also from the end result. The pleasures of eating a perfectly cooked steak or a plate of beautifully grilled vegetables can be a moving experience. But not all people are born with barbecue tongs in their hands or the expertise to bring a tasty meal to fruition. When social grilling heats up on the Angara so does the interaction. There is always someone at the table with a good cooking tip to share. The magnetic personality of the Angara attracts and pulls people together. The perfect marriage of stainless steel and exotic Teak wood will make this barbecue table an elegant addition to any backyard, patio or deck. To learn how Angara, the the outdoor dining table with its own built-in grill can make your next barbecue party the most enjoyable social dining experience for your friends and family, call 1-800-YES-iBBQ