Our KBBQ Grill Tables Are Made With The Finest Craftsmanship & Attention to Detail

We overlooked no details in designing our unique Korean BBQ grill tables. Each table is built to exacting standards in imported hardwood and stainless steel—chosen for their beauty and durability. Each Angara and Angara Maximus grilling table features:

  • Sustainably sourced hardwood: The Angara Maximus was designed to replace the traditional Korean BBQ grill for those of the most discerning taste in mind. Constructed of Indonesian teak wood—prized for centuries by shipbuilders and furniture makers for its elegance and durability—the Angara Maximus resists dry rot and weathers beautifully over time into a silver-gray finish. The Angara is our more affordable (but no less beautiful) model, constructed with Latin American tigerwood (Goncalo Alves), a high-density hardwood also prized for its durability and resistance to decay. iBBQ only uses wood from Forest Stewardship Council-certified sources, which means the lumber is sustainably harvested from responsibly managed forests and benefits local communities.
  • High-grade stainless steel: All units feature independently controlled gas grills and burner units made from high-quality stainless steel; the Angara Maximus features marine-grade (T316) stainless steel; the standard Angara features high-grade (T304) stainless steel. Stainless steel resists corrosion, heat, and chemical damage, making it ideal for outdoor cooking.
  • Solid-state electronic ignition: Hassle-free, one-touch electronic ignition makes firing up the grill a snap. What if the flame goes out? The Angara Maximus features solid-state flame rectification technology. If no flame is detected when the gas valve is on, the Maximus sends a signal to the spark module to reignite the burner. No matter the conditions—whether it’s sunny and calm or overcast and breezy—Maximus’ burners will stay lit.
  • Finely engineered ceramic briquettes: Never haul bags of dirty charcoal home again. The Angara comes with easy-to-install ceramic briquettes, which are cleaner, greener, and distribute heat more evenly than charcoal. The briquettes also retain heat well, which saves you money on fuel over time.

High-quality outdoor furniture meets finely engineered barbeque apparatus with our Angara series of KBBQ-style grilling tables. Like your favorite restaurants offering tableside food prep, the Angara creates a multi-sensory experience your guests will love.

Korean barbecue or bbq grill tableThis Korean Barbecue Grill table from ibbq is the perfect bbq party table for the entire family

Dining and Entertaining: KBBQ Grilling Tables Bring People Together

With KBBQ, the overall experience is what we remember – our friends and family gathered together around a grilling table for a fun, interactive, and delicious activity. Whether you’re grilling up some Korean bulgogi, ribs, or pork belly, or perhaps the more familiar steak, veggies, and shrimp, anytime you’ve got loved ones together, it’s better at a Korean BBQ grill table.

Not only are they great for having fun and bringing friends or family together, it’s actually proven that eating together as a family is proven to be good for kids’ mental health, as well as overall happiness as a family, and according to Stanford Children’s Health, eating together which “tends to promote more sensible eating habits” can even help family members manage their weight more easily.

We’re not saying eating around one of our KBBQ grill tables is the only way to bring family or friends together, but it’s undeniably more appealing when everyone can interact, connect, and learn about the food they’re cooking together.

Shop iBBQ’s Collection of Grilling Tables Today!

If you’re considering buying your own outdoor grill table, rest assured iBBQ’s tables are the highest-quality you can buy, and fit a variety of needs. We have commercial-grade versions of our tables for restaurants and other high-traffic settings, bar-height versions, and our Angara and Angara Maximus are each available in 3 different lengths for 4, 6, and 8 people. Choose your favorite grilling table today!

Korean barbeque grill table or bbq barbecue table