Testimonials from real people and their reaction(s) after experiencing the joys of Social Grilling with the Angara barbecue table.

Wow! What a product. Takes the intense effort of one person at a bbq party out of the equation.

Andrew J (Redding, CA)

Our family loves to go to Korean bbq restaurants and when we built our new house, we wanted to install a Korean bbq table in our backyard but could not find one that was aesthetically beautiful. Then someone told us about the Angara and it was just the barbecue table we were looking for. Thank you iBBQ for helping make our backyard perfect!

J. Park, Dana Point, CA


The Fire Within

Korean Barbecue Grill

Well known Palm Desert Landscape Architect, Ron Gregory and the Angara Maximus


The Fire Within

Outdoor Barbecue Grill by iBBQ

iBBQ’s Del Mar party guests enjoying an evening around the Angara Maximus

We got delivery of our new barbecue table this week. As soon as the shippers assembled the table on our brand new patio, my extremely understated husband said: “Oh my. This looks stunning.” All I can say is that it takes a LOT to impress him and this table managed to do just that.

Bridgett O, Las Vegas, NV


The Fire Within

Barbecue Table By iBBQ

SD Landscape Architect, Roxanne Kim Lee, shares her experience with the Angara Maximus

This barbecue table / grill allowed us to have a barbecue party that was all inclusive and that made it a real blast. Love it!

Marjorie L, Scottsdale, AZ


The Fire Within

Korean BBQ Grill For Home

Celebrated San Diego chef and bespoke event architect, Andrew Spurgin, shares his insights on the Angara Maximus barbecue table

The first day we dined around our new bbq table we knew it was special because our two boys, ages 12 and 13 insisted that they will do the grilling. So my wife and I sat back and watched our kids cook a bbq chicken dinner for us. To us that was precious and that alone paid for the price of the table.

Mark T, Poway, CA

Grilling and eating at this table is A-D-D-I-C-T-I-N-G. We found that our new acquisition took our family’s traditional Sunday brunch experience to a whole new level. Nobody wanted to leave the table!

Carter W, Newport Beach, CA

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