Best Labor Day BBQ Recipes and Party Ideas

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Labor Day weekend is almost upon us, signaling the lazy days of summer are slipping away. There is no better time to seize the sunny day and throw a Labor Day BBQ that will be the talk of your ‘hood.

Remember when you were a kid, school ended and summer spread across your future like an endless expanse of blue sky? There was no end in sight. Now, to me, Memorial Day to Labor Day feels faster than a 50-yard dash (granted, my 50-yard dash was notably sluggish, but still). I say we adults consider September 3rd the midway point of summer. The good weather stretches through September even in the Northeast and you Southerners and Californias are golden for months to come. I say celebrate sending the kids back to school and have a backyard bash that reminds you how good we have it now. When workers protested and marched in the first Labor Day Parade in New York in 1882, the average American was working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your 8-hour day (even with a hangover) on Sept. 4 will totally feel like a summer vacation compared to that!

Labor Day BBQ - chicken, shrimp, and Corona beer on an Angara grill table

Treat your guests to a memorable Labor Day BBQ with a Social Grilling party around an Angara grill table.

Best Labor Day BBQ Recipes

Thanks to our weekly Steven Raichlen Signature Recipes, you can find everything you need on iBBQ to plan your Labor Day BBQ menu.

Of course you must include this crowd pleaser: Truffled Wagyu Cheeseburgers

These recipe makes for a great appetizer or entree: Lemongrass Chicken Skewers

This coming Thursday I’ll be posting a late-summer menu must: Grilled Coconut Corn

Add color (and nutrients) to your grill and your spread with: Grilled Watermelon (no recipe needed, just lightly grill slices of watermelon and serve them before, with, or after your meal for a great palette cleanser or light dessert.)

Labor Day BBQ - grilled watermelon on an Angara grill table

Think outside the box and wow your friends and taste buds with grilled watermelon.

For Dessert, Steven Raichlen has shared two great recipes that take advantage of seasonal fruit:

Grilled Pound Cake with Strawberry Salsa

Cinnamon Grilled Peaches

Labor Day Party Tips

Once you have the menu down, it’s time to brainstorm on fun ways to set your Labor Day BBQ party apart from the usual picnic affair.

  1. My favorite idea: Be a rebel and make it a White Party! No white after Labor Day is no longer a fashion faux pas, so bring on the white in a big way.
  2. Throw a Social Grilling™ Party. If you have an Angara grill table, no one need be relegated to grillmaster and miss all the socializing. Sit with your friends and family around your Angara table and grill together. All you need to do is marinade and prep the food and the cooking becomes a communal, low-pressure, high-fun affair.
  3. Tales from The Office. Have everyone tell a tale of their worst job/worst job experience/funniest work story. (My son just asked me what my worst modeling experience was; I need a book-length answer for that one! I also have a few from my less glamorous pizza delivery days.)
  4. Up the Refreshment Options. Add some zip to the bar with this summery Frozen Watermelon Margarita recipe from Delish. With a 10-minute prep time, this is a winner for everyone!

Stay tuned for our weekly Thursday recipes from grill whiz Steven Raichlen, right here on Barbie Q.

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