Deals on BBQ on Veteran's Day, a Marines Martini Recipe-iBBQ

Deals on BBQ on Veteran's Day, a Marines Martini Recipe-iBBQ

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iBBQ Barbie Q logoToday is Veteran's Day - a day to celebrate anyone who has served in the U.S. military. (Memorial Day is when we honor anyone who has died while serving our country - not to be confused with simply a big BBQ bash day.) On my mission to find any connection between veterans and barbecuing - cuz, ya know, that's how Barbie Q operates - I discovered a number of BBQ deals across the country for veterans. I'm talking free food, not free grills, but we'll get to the latter later. It seems that either veterans have a hankering for bbq or BBQ and grill joints have a lot of heart - I like to think it's a little of both.

BBQ Deals

Glory Days Grill: Free Appetizer for veterans Houlihan's Restaurant & Bar: 15% Military Discount every day of the year O'Charley's: Free Meal (offer varies at some locations) Outback Steakhouse: 10% Off every day Bonanza & Ponderosa Steakhouses:  Veterans can choose a free buffet and beverage or 50 percent off a menu item. Some locations will honor veterans Sunday and other locations on Monday so check with your closest location. Texas de Brazil: Two veterans dine for free plus 20 percent off for up to six additional guests. TGI Fridays: Free Meal up to $12. (Above deals are for Veteran's Day only, unless otherwise noted.) Google your area to find a gazillion more freebies for veterans today.

US Marine Corp Martini Recipe

martini with olive US Marine Corps Martini (photo courtesy of Utah Food Services) Want to treat a veteran to a special drink or toast all veterans with an appropriate cocktail? Whip up a batch of US Marine Corp martinis with this recipe from


1.5 fl oz. Vodka

1.5 fl oz. Gin

1.5 fl oz. Pale Dry Sherry

3 Cubes Ice

1.5 fl oz. Water

1.Pour vodka, gin, ice cubes, sherry, and water into a glass container and freeze until mix is slushy, at least 3 hours. At the same time, freeze martini glasses.

2.Pour martinis into glasses, straining out any remaining ice cubes.

Some history from "fredfj," who submitted the recipe:
"The US Marine Corps was founded in Philadelphia on Nov. 10, 1775, in a tavern during the American Revolutionary War. The name of the tavern was 'Tun Tavern.' There is an exact replica of Tun Tavern at the Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia. It was at Quantico in this Tun Tavern that the US Marine Corps Martini was born over 50 years ago. It has been made and served all over the world. It is sometimes referred to as the 5-4-3-2-1 Martini. To your health and good cheer! 'Freedom is not free, but the U.S. Marine Corps will pay most of your share.'"

Angara BBQ Deals

angara grill table with kebobs grilling and American flag iBBQ's Angara Maximus grill table. The best BBQ deal - a grill and table in one! In case you are a veteran and want to host an epic veterans' dinner next Veteran's Day, I'm happy to talk to the higher ups around here for a discount on one of iBBQ's glorious grill tables. Contact iBBQ and let them know Barbie sent you. That's Barbie Q.