Korean barbecue grill table

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Must Haves to Host the Best BBQ Cookout

What could be better than great food, good company and the outdoors?

With a little extra effort on your part though it can become even more perfect. You'll need some essential equipment to host an unforgettable barbecue!

Our experts' checklist will help you put it all together so that your guests have an awesome experience at your next cookout!

1. The Right BBQ Grill 

What’s the perfect BBQ grill for you and your family? Whether it be a charcoal, electric, gas fired one, hibachi tables, teppanyaki, there are many different types available that will suit everyone. 

In order to find out which type of barbecue would work best with YOUR tastes consider: How many people do I want joining me on our fun filled day long barbeque (ideally between 2 – 5)? What kind food is each person planning/ expects eating during their visit.

BTW, have you seen the newest grill designs out there?

I mean this one below is called the Angara and it's the latest in BBQ that elevates any BBQ cookout to a memorable event. 


Korean barbecue grill table

The ANGARA outdoor grill is a much better choice for your next outdoor cooking adventure. It has the sophisticated look you want and it’s just as durable, if not more so than an actual barbecue! 

2. The Right Grilling Accessories 

You'll need a BBQ tool set to cook the perfect burger. Make sure you have all of these essential bbq accessories for your grill: marinade brush slotted tongs, spatula and carving fork so that those juicy patties don't get stuck in between them! For an added benefit grab yourself some cleaning brushes too-they're especially handy when it comes time clean up after dinner is done cooking away on itself (we know how much YOU love burning food).

Go stainless steel!

When it comes to grilling, the best accessories are worth investing in. With a high-quality stainless steel set, you will be able to have all of your equipment needs covered and ready for years with no worries about them breaking under pressure or weight from food items on their own when used as intended by manufacturer's design specifications.

Finally, a BBQ Accessory to stylishly hide that eyesore of a propane tank:

Growing up, we always made sure to have at least a couple propane tanks in the backyard, and there was always that extra one not hidden under the grill. Finally a solution! Look at this sleek propane cover!

cover to hide your propane tank

The Propane Tank Enclosure is a stylish and convenient way to store your propane tank. The sleek design will blend in seamlessly with any outdoor space, making it the perfect solution for storing those bulky gas cans or other large cooking equipment!

3. Have ENOUGH Fuel

Speaking of propane...who left the propane on? Embarrassing, but it happens to grill masters. Without fuel, you have no BBQ. The worst situation is not having enough fuel to BBQ or running out of fuel before your food is done cooking! Remember: You may burn more fuel when it’s cold outside and even if you cook at temperatures above 400-degrees, so consider picking up some extra charcoal or propane tanks. 

4. Prevent Mosquitos from Crashing Your BBQ Party

One way to keep pesky bugs at bay during the summer months is by using repellents. You can purchase a variety of different options, including those designed specifically for outdoor use and even candles that have been infused with oils from natural plants like lavender flowers or lemongrass so they will naturally repel mosquitoes! You'll also want some flyswatters in case any appear unexpectedly while you're cooking outside on your grill as well. 

Clear out all standing water before hand (mosquitoes love staying near stagnant areas), trim tall grass down low enough where people won't trip over them while they're walking through their own yard on arrival day--a little extra prep goes along way when welcoming company into one's home after all :)

5. Have Your Sauces and Seasonings aka Rubs Ready

What would BBQ without the right seasonings? You can't just have one type of sauce or rub for all your meats, so why not pick up some new ones that will add mouth-watering dimensions to whatever you're cooking on top! 

6. Have PLENTY of Ice

It's always a good idea to have some cold drinks on hand for your guests, and the best way of doing that is by making sure you have plenty of ice for your cooler.

A cooler is an essential tool for hosting and should be big enough that it can hold all of your guests' favorite beverages. You may also want one dedicated just in case you need extra ice.

7. Outdoor Speakers

What's better than music to make your BBQ more enjoyable? Music that you control from wherever. Pairing up with other speakers in different rooms, outdoor bluetooth radios provide enough volume for large events such as parties or family gatherings! With some streaming platforms offering shared playlists it is easy too - just set one station and everyone can contribute their favorite songs into the mix.


Thanks for reading out top BBQ must haves!

Is there anything you want to add to our list? Leave us a comment! We want to make sure you host the best BBQ cookout in town.