What is the difference between Hibachi and Teppanyaki Grills

What is the difference between Hibachi and Teppanyaki Grills

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What is the difference between Hibachi and Teppanyaki grills?

Learn the difference between the Teppanyaki and Hibachi, grills, cooking, and more!

Teppanyaki and Hibachi cooking are two different styles of food preparation that involve grilling. They both have their own origins, but they do share some similarities such as allowing guests to watch the process so you can witness great knife skills from your chef preparing it all for you!

We can all agree both cooking styles are undeniably delicious, here's their main differences.


What is Teppanyaki?

Teppanyaki is a type of cooking that involves grilling over an iron plate. The word “teppan” means "iron/metal plate" in Japanese, and "yaki" meaning "grilled, broiled, or pan-fried". which gives us our name for this style- "Teppanyaki"!

The teppanyaki style of cooking was first introduced to Japan in 1945. It originated from local steakhouses that combined Western and Asian cuisines, which quickly gained popularity across the country-and for good reason!

Teppanyaki chefs are known for their creativity and skill in the kitchen. They're trained to make dishes like an "onion volcano" or tossing shrimp tails into their pockets, but they also have tricks up their sleeves when it comes down towards cooking food items on menus such as beef, chicken, grilled vegetables with rice noodles served alongside them too! Are you hungry yet?

The teppanyaki grills are typically propane heated, flat surfaced and used to cook food in front of guests at restaurants or homes alike! While many people might confusion them with hibachis that have a charcoal flame but both operate on similar principles; they're made from metal surfaces with open grate designs for searing meat under high temperatures.

hibachi Grill table

What is Hibachi?

Hibachi is a type of cuisine that was first introduced to Japan during the Heian period. It's typically made up meat, vegetables and seafood over high heat metal plates cooked by burning wood or charcoal beneath them. The word “hibachi” comes from Japanese meaning "fire bowl."

Hibachi grills are a popular choice for restaurants because they can cook larger items than with charcoal. They also have an open-grate design which makes cooking easier, even if you're not very skilled at it!

The similarities between Teppanyaki and Hibachis

The similarities between teppanyaki and hibachis are remarkable. Both cooking styles involve using metal plates, as well as the same food items like meat or seafood; here guests watch their dish get prepared right before them at a table for up to 10 people per seating arrangement! 

Hibachis and teppanyaki chefs perform many of the same tricks, but there are some differences between them.

OK, What's the Difference?

The difference between Teppanyaki and Hibachi comes down to the type of iron plates used.

Teppanyaki - Completely flat griddle style. Usually propane heated. 

Hibachi - Open grated bbq style. Usually wood or charcoal heated.

While both styles make use of flat griddles, they vary slightly in their characteristics depending on where you go:

Teppanyaki typically cooks with a solid piece that can hold more than one cooking surface- usually for rice, noodles, or other small side dishes.

Whereas hibachis feature open grates, you can't cook rice on a hibachi - it would fall right through!

Hibachis are perfect for shish kabobs, larger cuts of meat, and larger pieces of vegetable such as ears of corn. They are easier to cook with because you can simply flip over a piece of chicken or lift a shish kabob with a pair of tongs right onto your plate. 

This is also true when using knives on these types of pit fires, though teppanyaki relies heavily upon precise knife work and has an iconic performative aspect to it- perfect if you want something with flair!

hibachi grilled food

Hibachi Grills are GREAT for Entertaining in Your Backyard

Hibachis are a type of BBQ grill that uses coal or wood as the heat source, rather than an open flame. Unlike typical teppanyaki griddles where it's possible to cook meat flat on one side with direct high-temperature cooking methods like pan frying and searing; hibachi chefs have more control over their finished product by moving food around while applying less intense amounts at different locations so everything doesn't overcook simultaneously!

Hibachi grills are extreme cooking tools that take your meal to the next level. These portable or built-in furniture style appliances can be used by both professionals and non chefs alike because they provide consistent heat sources tailored just for you!

While teppanyaki is a relatively new style of cooking, it’s been around for hundreds upon centuries. However modern-day hibachi has migrated from restaurants into people's homes because so many grills are now portable or can be fitted within furniture-- making them much easier to prepare than before!

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