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Summer may be official barbecue season, but many kick off their outdoor cooking in spring, when the weather takes a turn for the better. The question is, how will you grill this spring? Will you cook the old-fashioned way, or will you enter the 21st Century with a modern grilling table from iBBQ?

Don't Get Stuck in the Corner!

Your average barbecue sticks out like a sore thumb. You've seen it at every backyard party - that large metal appliance that stands off to the side or sits tucked away inside an outdoor kitchen enclave. The same goes for the traditional barbecue experience. Everyone mills about or sits at separate tables. Here are the wanderers, who circle around the party awkwardly, trying to find a group to join or a conversation to enter. Meanwhile, the cook slaves away at the grill, isolated from the rest of the party. If you're lucky enough to have a master chef at the helm, guests may get to eat at the same time or thereabouts. Get saddled with an amateur though, and it's a free-for-all. Some are digging into their meat, others have moved on to dessert, and the unlucky few sit around with empty plates, waiting to get served their first course. In other words, the typical American barbecue is a fractured experience. The cooking is separate from the eating, and the eating is separate from the socializing. If we don't complain, it's because we don't yet know that there's a better way. There is - and it's time to embrace it.

Introducing ... the Modern BBQ Table

Angara. In ancient Sanskrit, it means the fire within. Today, it means a barbecue flame enclosed within a modern, handcrafted table. The Angara barbecue table from iBBQ has revolutionized the backyard grilling experience. Designed for both homes and restaurants, it makes outdoor cooking and eating a friendlier, more pleasant affair. No more waiting in long lines. No more wandering around, trying to find a seat. No more banishment to the edge of the party. No more awkwardness or isolation. Angara, our beautiful modern grill table brings everyone together for an interactive outdoor dining experience!

A Social Experience

At your average barbecue party, guests fend for themselves. The cook is off to one side. The other hosts and hostesses are scrambling to get food and People Gathering Around an IBBQ Dining Grill Tabledrinks together. Everyone else is scattered. The kids (and the adults) are glued to their phones. With a hibachi-style grill, everyone - even the host and hostess - cooks, eats, and talks at the same table. Whether you grill with friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers, the Angara BBQ table offers the best communal grilling experience around. Some barbecue tables feature separate grills for each diner. That sounds like a great idea until you realize that cooking skills vary wildly between people. You could be sitting near the next Bobby Flay or the next culinary disaster. With the Angara table, no one is left on their own. A streamlined design lets guests cook food on a single surface, which makes it easier for them to help each other cook and serve. You can organize the meal however you want. Everyone can prepare their own food, or one cook can supervise the entire meal. Since the grill is set flush inside the table, there's no large fixture to block your view of the other guests. Sit around the grill table. Cook your meal. Join in the conversation. Watch the flames dance. Savor the food.

A Stress-Free Experience

Traditional barbecues can intimidate beginners. They're big. They're unwieldy. Most are unsightly. They're complicated. You have to be an expert or atChicken Being Grilled at Restaurant on an IBBQ Table least an enthusiast in order to operate them. Then there's the cleaning, which can be backbreaking work. The Angara grilling table is made with the average person in mind. It's not only beautiful, receding deep into the table; it also puts grilling within reach of everyone. With one-touch electronic ignition and auto re-ignition, starting the fire is a cinch. Cooking is just as easy. Once ignited, three independently fired gas grills provide up to 45,000 BTU of heat, and state-of-the-art technology delivers continuous flame monitoring. Meanwhile, a keyed safety lockout switch and manual gas shut-off valve offer first-class security. Finally, the Angara grill is easy to clean. In other words, iBBQ gives you a stress-free grilling experience that frees you up to focus on what matters most: the people, the conversation, and the food.

A Luxury Experience

The first thing you notice about the Angara table is its beauty. One thing is clear from the outset: This is not your grandfather's grill.Salmon Being Grilled on an IBBQ Outdoor Table Designed in the United Kingdom by Anthony Groves, our BBQ table stands out for its graceful lines and modern appeal. It's also handcrafted with painstaking attention to detail in the United States of America out of exotic Iroko wood (€œAfrican Teak€) and marine-grade T304 stainless steel. The size of a large banquet table, the Angara fits nicely on any upscale patio or in any backyard. Since it's a self-contained unit, you can get all the benefits of an outdoor grill without having to construct an elaborate food prep area, run utility lines or buy additional appliances. More convenient than an outdoor kitchen, more beautiful than a traditional barbecue, and more practical than a simple dining table, the Angara is the epitome of luxury.

The Ultimate Restaurant Experience

We built the Angara Korean style BBQ table not only for homeowners but also for restaurants that want to give their guests a premier self-grilling experience. We put a lot of thought into the design of our tables. The result? A table that's the perfect size for an intimate, yet communal dining experience. A testament to modern elegance, the grill table contributes to the ambiance of any setting - indoor or outdoor. A contained flame rises up out of the bars of the grill, not only cooking the food but also adding a sense of natural beauty to the scene.

Three Products, One Experience

Every backyard is different. Every party is a unique moment in time. Every restaurant has its own style. That's why we built three different tables - toBBQ Grilling Table accommodate any setting or occasion.
  • The Four-Seater Measuring 3 inches by 59.5 inches, the four-seater is perfect for family meals in the backyard or for those who occasionally entertain small groups.
  • The Six-Seater Our six-seat table offers seating for slightly larger groups, making it ideal for homeowners who host frequent gatherings. Measures 38.3 inches by 79.5 inches.
  • The Eight-Seater Our biggest table, the eight-seater can fit enough people for a large get together (38.3 inches by 99.5 inches).
As for restaurants, the appropriate-sized table depends on the layout of the establishment and what kind of experience it wants to offer customers. No matter what table you choose, you get the same impeccable design, the same modern charm, the same incredible grilling experience, but in a size that fits your needs. iBBQ: The Social Grilling Experience! Do you barbecue? Want to do it the right way? Want a 21st Century grilling experience? Call 1.800.YES.iBBQ or fill out our online form to talk products, specs, prices, or grilling in general!