World’s Most Beautiful Outdoor Dining Tables – Reviews / Ratings

World’s Most Beautiful Outdoor Dining Tables – Reviews / Ratings

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World’s Most Beautiful Outdoor Dining Tables – Reviews / Ratings

If money is no object and you are seeking most stunning, luxury outdoor dining furniture to match your beautiful home and expansive backyard, then this blog post is for you. It goes without saying that organizing a memorable summer backyard gathering is one of the most anticipated rites of summer the balmy weather; the sounds of laughter and conversation, the intoxicating aroma of fresh steak grilling in the open air where friends and family can unwind and relax in the enjoyment of each other's presence. With the help of quality luxury outdoor dining furniture, delicious food and cool drinks, the host can always deliver a perfectly idyllic setting for the guests. The beauty and comfort that you have created inside your home can also extend to the outdoors if you take the time, and the expense, to cultivate an elegant and comfortable outdoor space that is perfect for entertaining. Whether you and your guests are dining under a clear, blue sky or a spray of fireworks at night, your surroundings have the power to enhance your experience. For those loathe to looking at price tags and whose only raison d'etre is to acquire the finest quality luxury furniture to create the perfectly stunning, and inviting, backyard setting for their homes, the pièce de résistance has to be the outdoor dining table. The table is the magnet, the social hub of every backyard party, pulling everyone, guests and all, into its orbit. We at iBBQ decided to expend hundreds of countless hours scouring the worldwide web so that we may find the ultimate luxury outdoor dining furniture. If you are only willing to settle for the very best, we have a list of what we believe to be the 10 most beautiful, contemporary patio dining tables and that should satisfy the druthers of any hostess. Every dining tables on our list has been selected for its beauty and craftsmanship with a special focus on making sure that the quality materials used in their construction have the strength and durability to withstand the elements for years to come. We are confident that these modern outdoor dining tables will meet or exceed your discerning eye for quality.

10) Talt Modern Dining Table ($2,499+)

Available from

The Talt Modern Dining Table seats up to six guests. Customize your intimate gathering by choosing chairs, benches or a combination of both. The table also comes in a variety of color finishes, and offers a choice of powder coated or stainless steel.

09) Dark Side of the Moon ($3,777+)

Available at

This luxury outdoor dining furniture designed by Italian architect and designer Claudio Silvestrin, can brighten a dark, shaded area, or just make a colorful statement. A laminated top covers the table made entirely from colored, transparent glass to create a kaleidoscope effect. It is sure to capture the light and the attention of your guests.

08) Mid-Century Modern Dining Table ($4,700)

Available through Etsy

Designed by Ali Atry of AtryDesign, the strength of this mid-century modern table contrasts beautifully with its almost delicate design. The natural, walnut wood grain is visible with a warm, glowing finish that is sure to inspire connection and togetherness in your gatherings.

07) Lakeshore Rectangular Dining Table with Datcha Stone Top ($5,270 + $680 for weathered finish)

Available through Sutherland Furniture


In 1991, David Sutherland and John Hutton decided to €œtransform the outdoor furniture industry.€ This is one of the many tables that emerged from that mission. Using ethically sourced materials, the table is built to withstand the elements. The Datcha Stone top is flamed granite with a teak base available in a weathered finish for a low maintenance option.

06) Hopper Table ($5,707)

Available at Connox

The Hopper Table was made in Belgium and embraces the Belgian philosophy of coming together to eat, drink and celebrate. Combining functionality and innovation, the table connects to two benches crafted from Iroko hard-wood, galvanized steel and coated aluminum available in different colors (white, red and earth-color).

05) Indoor/Outdoor Dining Table ($7200)

Available at

This versatile table not only looks good anywhere, it's designed to be anywhere indoors or outdoors. Combining teak, stainless steel, and weather-proof canvas, the design evokes both modern and mid-century styles. It all depends on the surrounding environment. Each table is made to order by Marmol Radziner.

04) Gargantua Iroko Hardwood ($7,560+)

Available at

Mimic the classic look of a European beer or wine garden with this luxury outdoor dining furniture piece. The table is unpainted, showing the natural teak hardwood and stainless steel. The benches are adjustable accommodating between 8-12 guests, and also removable. Add cushions for comfort, or an attachable umbrella to shade your guests from the sun.

03) James De Wulf Engagment Dining Table ($9,352+)

Available at

This is a table that brings people together. James De Wulf designed the Engagement Dining Table on the same night that he proposed to his wife. It is a reflection of the relationships we wish to cultivate in our lives. The thin design brings you closer to the people seated across from you, but it is also long, to represent the lasting quality of those relationships. Made from strong materials of concrete and powder-coated steel, the table makes a bold statement.

02) Quantum Table Jason Philips ($9800)

Can be purchased at Phillips Collection

The Quantum Table has a unique design with a flat piece of wood lacquered in Corian orange on black steel wire. It is an artistic table that seems to stand on scribbles. Created by the American designer, Jason Phillips.

01) Angara Maximus ($15,000)

Can be purchased right here at iBBQ

The Robb Report called the Angara Maximus €œThe Ultimate in Outdoor Entertaining.€ This unique luxury outdoor dining furniture piece is more than a mere dining table. It is also a barbecue grill not one, but 3 independently controlled gas grills. Designed in England, this handcrafted table is made in the United States of imported, Lacey Compliant Iroko lumber from Africa and high grade T304 stainless steel.