Angara All-in-One Grilling and Dining Set | iBBQ

Angara All-in-One Grilling and Dining Set | iBBQ

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Not Your Average BBQ Grill Sale

Have you been coveting iBBQ's stunning Angara outdoor grill table but can't splurge on the Ferrari of bbq grills? Never fear, the Fiero of grills is here . . . OK kidding about the Fiero part. The Angara Premium grill table is infinitely more sophisticated and stylish than that car ever was, but I learned how to drive stick in my dad's fire engine red Fiero, so it can still rev up my heart. In the fashion bereft Eighties, it was the kind of car that dazzled the residents of the cozy Colonials in my middle class 'hood. And I can promise you that wherever you live, the Premium Angara is going to fire up the neighborhood in a bigger way then a little red Fiero ever could. iBBQ's Premium Angara Outdoor Grill Table And that "BBQ Grill Sale" part in the headline is just a hook. In actuality, the Premium prices are here to stay! I know you are dying to know what the incredible price is for this beautiful piece of bbq ingenuity, but I have some other important things to tell you first.

Key Facts Relating to This Outdoor Grill Table

  1. Spring is here, which means barbecue season is heating up in a big way.
  2. Father's Day is less than two months away.
  3. An Angara outdoor grill is the ultimate Father's Day gift.
  4. These grill table are of the highest quality and are created with tender loving care, which takes time.
  5. You should place your order by early May to make Dad's day on June 17.
Now, as a special treat, I'm going to share with you what is perhaps...

The Cheesiest Prom Picture Ever Taken, Which Has Nothing to Do With BBQ Grills But Is Juicy Just the Same...

1980s Cheesy Prom Pic - My Bro, His Date, and My Dad's Red Fiero.I thought you might enjoy this excellent illustration of a "mullet mobile" (see the following link; I wish I could claim that brilliant description as my own). If you were spared living through the Eighties, now you know what a Fiero looks like. And if you are still in high school, you know what not wear to prom. And you get what I mean about the splashy effect of a Fiero, especially when driven by a slick Don Johnson lookalike in a ridiculous get-up like this. Your Angara outdoor grill table will likewise be the talk of the neighborhood but in a much classier way. It's also much more of a crowd pleaser because an entire dinner party can enjoy it, not just you and your prom date. Come to think of it, prom season is right around the corner too. How awesome would a pre-prom Angara party be? It's something to think about if you are trying to draw your despondent digital teens back into family-friendly gatherings and out of whatever backseat-of-the-Fiero type behavior they may be engaged in. (Did it have a backseat? I can't recall. Considering the above cozy snapshot, my brother might remember. I'll ask him. If he's still talking to me after this post gets out there into cyberspace - a much roomier, but equally risky place as the backseat* of Daddy's plastic Pontiac sports car.) Now, let's get down to the nitty gritty.

The Premium vs Elite Angara Outdoor Grill Table

Premium: Handcrafted using Tigerwood (sustainably sourced) Elite: Handcrafted using Teak wood (Lacey Act compliant, which bans the use of illegally sourced wood) Premium: Each burner is individually controlled (in both lines), no push-button activation Elite: Push-button burner activation Premium & Elite: Deliver 15,000 BTU of searing heat Premium & Elite Specs: 4-Seater - 59.5"L x 38.3"W x 29.6"H 6-Seater - 79.5"L x 38.3"W x 29.6"H 8-Seater - 99.5"L x 38.3"W x 29.6"H Premium Warranty: 2-Year Limited Warranty on Table Burners and Furniture Elite Warranty: 10-Year Limited Warranty on Table Burners and Furniture, 2-Year Limited Warranty on the Electronics, No Questions Asked Return Policy upon table delivery Premium & Elite: All-Weather, Custom Fabric Covers Additional Elite Features: State-of-the-Art Electronic Flame Management Ignition System, Fully Programmable WiFi RGB Color LED Lighting Package, Keyed Child Safety Lockout Switch Light up any party with the iBBQ Angara Elite Grill Table LED System.

iBBQ Angara Grill Table Prices

  *I Googled mid-sentence. No backseat. Wikipedia trivia: 370,168 Fieros were manufactured. I think the team at iBBQ can beat that with Angara grills. Stay tuned for some Scrumptious Spring Recipes next week!