4 Halloween BBQ - or Boo BQ - Party Tips

4 Halloween BBQ - or Boo BQ - Party Tips

iBBQ Barbie Q logoMemorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day - they are all obvious choices for bbq picnics. If your climate cooperates, think outside the box and host a Boo BQ this Halloween! Your friends and kids will love a Halloween BBQ and the smoke from the grill is a perfect spooky addition to any October bash. These tips will ensure that your Boo BQ rises above the typical ghostly or ghastly bobbing-for-apples costume party...  

Halloween BBQ Tips for a Spooktacular Party

1. Gory BBQ Spread

Halloween BBQs are not for the squeamish. Fire up some ribs and sausages and then offer them up on a carnivorous spread, such as this one from NotQuiteNigella.com... skull, ribs, and sausage morbid feast Halloween spread from NotQuiteNigella.com

2. Pumpkin Cooler

This is a brilliant Halloween BBQ idea from thekitchn.com: A pumpkin cooler for your Halloween BBQ. Fill it with root beer and orange soda to incorporate the drinks into your color theme.

3. Candlelight

Set up a table inside, in addition to your patio or Angara grill table, so fancy and fragile people can get out of the nippy October air. Use clear bottles as candlestick holders for tall candles that lend an eerie feel to the place. Style Me Pretty shows how it's done... table set with glass bottle candle holders Halloween candlelight - Stylemepretty.com

4. Go Black

From the little black dress to Halloween table decor, black is the go-to color. Decorista arranged this elegantly dark pumpkin adorned place setting... 2 black place settings with white and black pumpkins and gold silverware Sophisticated Halloween place settings from Decorista When you're making your guest list, heads up that this Saturday is Cranky Co-Workers Day. So invite that colleague who needs a spooky pick-me-up this season! Stay tuned for more Fall Tablescape Ideas next week!