Essential Modern Outdoor Furniture Piece to Transform Backyard

This Essential Modern Outdoor Furniture Piece Will Transform Backyard Entertaining in 2022 and Beyond

Whether you have a grand backyard, a small balcony or a large terrace, having patio furniture that will make a statement, and weather the elements, is essential for those who enjoy outdoor entertaining. If you’re a fan of barbecuing and al fresco dining, you should consider the Angara Quadra by iBBQ: an incredibly versatile modern outdoor dining table that will transform your backyard into party central — guaranteed!

The Quadra, which means “square” in classic Latin, is the newest addition to iBBQ’s collection of luxury grilling tables that have revolutionized outdoor entertaining for families and businesses all over the world. This table’s compact form can comfortably seat eight people, making it the ideal dining table for backyard entertaining with friends and family, regardless of the size of one’s outdoor space.

Angara Quadra

Beautiful design, high-quality materials and easy maintenance are all key features of iBBQ’s luxury grilling tables. And the same is true of our newest. The Quadra’s frame and legs are built in rust resistant aluminum and include adjustable levelers to keep the table sturdy on uneven surfaces. The table’s beautiful synthetic wood looks and feels like real hardwood but is more durable and maintenance free.

Powered by natural gas or LPG, its propane tank conveniently hides inside the base of the table. The barbecue table features two U-shaped stainless steel gas burners that are independently controlled and include four uniquely designed isosceles triangle stainless steel grates that together, give the Quadra’s grill its stunning and hypnotic look. The burners pack a powerful 55,000 BTUs of searing heat and the grates are easy to clean and can be thrown in the dishwasher after use. The Quadra comes with a convenient stainless steel grill cover that quickly transforms the grill into an outdoor dining table. In addition to its stainless-steel look, the table is also available in blue or orange accent colors.

Angara Quadra

Another unique aspect of this modern outdoor dining table is that it’s especially popular with folks who enjoy entertaining at home. Aside from grilling food or s’mores with family and friends, the Quadra with its grill cover on, is great for an evening of cocktails, conversation and games – the options are endless. Our BBQ grills are must-haves for hosting the best BBQ cookout indeed.

And for the host who is always stuck behind the grill, the Quadra brings welcome respite because now everyone can sit around the Quadra and enjoy the party, including the host! This modern outdoor dining table allows for an interactive and immersive dining experience making it super fun for children, teens and young adults, pulling them away from their smart phones to spend quality time with their parents.

Despite its beautiful design and luxury components, the Quadra is an affordable modern outdoor furniture piece that is easy to use and maintain, which makes the process of grilling more enjoyable and accessible to all, regardless of one’s barbecuing skills. To further enhance your grilling and outdoor entertaining experience, iBBQ offers a wide range of BBQ accessories ranging from benches and chairs to cutting boards, griddles, and all-weather canvas covers.

Angara Quadra

The Quadra is an essential piece of modern outdoor furniture that is designed to accommodate your year-round backyard entertaining needs, from summer barbecues to cozy winter meals with family and friends.

Beautifully designed and affordably priced, this beautiful grilling table makes outdoor entertaining and backyard barbecues easy and more fun by bringing families and friends together around the dinner table!

Written by Debasish Roy

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